2018! Motivation and Goals!

So I can't believe this is my 1st blog post of 2018 I really wanted to do a post on being more motivated and focusing on goals but I just thought that wouldn’t really be me. I go through bursts of being motivated and demotivated so for me this year, I decided to write everything I wanted to achieve in my phone notes. Last year I purchased a fancy diary and told myself I would write everything down and be super organized! But sadly, I was lying to myself! The diary remained untouched and unnoticed! 

As I'm writing this I'm in the beautiful South Place Hotel located in Moorgate London. There's something about being in a relaxing space with nothing but you're own thoughts. I really began to think about my goals this year and decided its ok to not know what direction you're headed in and to really just tackle one thing at a time. 

I still can't believe I hit 100k on Instagram this year, honestly its feels totally mad! Trust me when I say consistency and hard work pays off! I would have never thought I would ever reach 100k! I always thought you had to be a bad bitch or a stripper LOL! Honestly with some hard work and a bit of elbow grease we can all achieve anything, I know it sounds super cheesy and cringe but it's true. 

My goals this year are to be more organized and to take on each opportunity thrown at me to the fullest. Spend more time with my family and friends and not to take work so seriously, life is for living don’t let little problems get you down. 

I just want to say thank you to the South Place Hotel for accommodating me for the night as I got the motivation to finally write this blog post. The customer service was totally insane
and the beds are like clouds honestly check it out if you're ever in London. 

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