Paris Fashion Week + Hotel Louison Review

So last month was a busy month, I feel like I haven't written a blog post in so long. So I attended Paris fashion week again at the start of June, it was literally amazing. Me and my friend Taija got the Eurostar at 5.45am honestly it was probably one of the biggest mistakes booking a train this early. I didn't get much sleep before making my way to meet Taija at Kings Cross station.

We arrived in Paris at 9 am it was boiling, this was when everywhere had a heatwave. Luckily we arrived 1 day after Paris was 35 degrees! Honestly, I would have probably died of heart failure ha! We made our way in an Uber to the fabulous Hotel Louison were they hosting us for 3 days. 

We arrived at around 12pm and was greeted with a warm welcome from Audrey who kindly allowed us to check-in a little early. On arrival we were pleasantly surprised by the beautiful decor and reception area, especially being that the hotel is only a 3-star rating, we were even more surprised by our room. We booked the Prestige room which was lovely, large windows with a view looking out into the Parisian streets, a large bathroom and separate toilet, exceptionally clean with a nice modern decor and good amenities.

Breakfast was amazing offering a large selection of delicious fresh hot and cold foods and beverages. In the evening the hotel offers complimentary wine to guest's who can sit and enjoy in the candle lit dining area.

Hotel Louison made my stay in Paris the best it could be. While attending shows and events in the evening It was very easy to go back and forth to my hotel.

One of the highlights of my Paris trip was going to the KENZO show! it was insane!! the production and the venue just screamed KENZO! Paris is definitely popping when it's warm and the evenings are complete with a slow sunset.

I just want to thank Hotel Louison for making my stay so warm and fitting for my Paris trip.  Here are some pictures from Paris and some of my highlights.

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