ThePlasticBoy x RVMG Hangout

So last week Friday I hosted my own hangout with the fabulous Red Velvet Music Group. Priscilla and Elizabeth who both own RVMG asked me in early January if I could be their next guest for the hangout. It was my pleasure to accept their offer and then we all both came out with some amazing ideas on how my hangout would be delivered.  
This hangout was like a meet a greet for some of my YouTube subscribers and also for some of my Instagram followers. Other bloggers and industry professionals were invited to the hangout too. I was also super excited that Temi from JTO Fashion would be hosting and interviewing me and DJ Cuppy would be there dropping those dirty beats LOL.  

A hangout is something I have never ever done, I was super nervous but also excited. So last Friday the vibes were perfect, we had a good turnout and the crowd was super sassy and fabulous. Check the pictures below: 

I really want to thank everyone that came down to the hangout, and also my sponsors: 

Working with RVMG was amazing everyone was so supportive and always willing to help. RVMG was always in the office to accept deliveries and help me if I needed any  additional sponsors. If I was to organise another hangout again I would 100% want Red Velvet MUSIC Group to help organise this for me. RVMG did an awesome job with the space and provided my event with interns which helped everything run smoothly.

I want to give a special thank you to Elizabeth and Priscilla who were always at my back and call.  Temi and Cuppy thank you for being such beautiful hosts and playing the most sickest beats. Also to all the sweet interns that helped out on the night of the hangout thank you! 

I would also love to thank my amazing friend Jen Eleto who helped me with getting sponsors and pointing me in the right direction for my event.

Check out the live podcast from my RVMG hangout event here

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