Prince's Trust x L'Oreal Paris "All Worth It" Campaign

I am proud to announce I'm an ambassador for the Prince's Trust & L'Oreal Paris "All Worth It" campaign. When I was growing up there was no one I could speak to for advice and there wasn't a role model figure around I could look up to. With the "All Worth It" campaign we can help so many young people turn their self doubt into self worth. 

I am so honoured to be apart of this campaign, L'Oreal have truly outdone themselves by teaming up with The Prince's Trust to create such a dynamic campaign for such a beautiful cause. I can't wait to visit one of the Prince's Trust course centre's to spread my knowledge on overcoming self doubt. 

Check our my personal story on overcoming self doubt below:

  How amazing is this!!! A BILLBOARD RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF PICCADILLY CIRCUS!! I actually started shaking when I saw this! It was literally too much LOL!

I also got to have a fabulous selfie with the gorgeous Helen Mirren! What an honour!

Thank you so much L'Oreal Paris x The Prince's Trust

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