My Micro Scalp Pigmentation With The Vinci Hair Clinic

So I thought I would share my Micro Scalp Pigmentation experience with you which I had at  the Vinci Hair Clinic in London. For years I've been battling my insecurities because of my dramatic receding hair line. Honestly this has effected me since I turned 16, I would always wear a range of hat's to the club and if the club didn’t accept any type of hat I would just leave and go home. It was literally too much I then started having hair extensions, such as weaves so I would relax my hair every month and have different types of hair installed. So I could have a full head of hair but my sides were always shaved to make it more edgy. 

A few months ago I woke up and decided I couldn't do this anymore, I literally cut off all my hair then went to the barber and had it shaved to a number 1 grade. I was so happy because I could finally feel the wind on my scalp LOL but my hair line was still a mess. I remember my friend Chris speaking about this hair clinic in London and how they helped people with hair loss in different kind of ways. I hit him up and asked what the different options were available for my kind of hair loss, I sent him some pictures and waited for him to get back to me.  

Chris got back to me and told me that Micro Scalp Pigmentation at the Vinci Clinic would best fit my requirements, and that this procedure was almost pain free and simple. I did some research and MSP looked amazing because I didn’t really want to grow my hair back again and I also looked at having a hair transplant, but it looked very complicated. I knew that I wanted MSP so I set up consultation, and had my 1st session with Vinci Hair Clinic in London. 

My 1st session was amazing I had Magdalena doing my hair session and she knew exactly what she was talking about. She drew the shape of the hair line she thought would best suit my face. She warned me that going to sharp and too square with any hair line when doing MSP can appear very false. One thing I knew that was I didn’t want my hairline to look like a madness at all LOL. 

Magdalena explained that our MSP sessions would consist of 3 visits, the 1st session is designing the hairline and starting off with a lighter pigment just so during the 2nd session we can make adjustments to the shape if need be. Then when time for the 3rd session we can really finalize the hairline and go in with the final darker pigment which will be the final design. 
My sessions went so smoothly and so quickly, because I only needed half of head of MSP it didn’t take that long at all. I would say it took about 2 hours max but you obviously have breaks in between MSP sessions on the day. Micro Scalp Pigmentation gave me the confidence I needed back into my life, no more wearing hats on holiday or ringing a club before a night out to require the dress code.  

I would recommend MSP (Micro Scalp Pigmentation) to anyone that just wants their hairline restored and needs something quick and simple. The only thing Is once you have MSP your hairline needs to be a 0 grade for it to look natural. But please watch my video below for more details on this treatment and if you have anymore questions don't hesitate to get in contact with me. 

I just want to say thank you to all of  the Vinci Hair Clinic team for me being so accommodating and bringing confidence back into my life again.

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