José Gordón and The World's End Market: The world’s best steak review

So last night I went to The World's End Market in Chelsea, the restaurant was simply stunning. I loved how beautiful the interior of the restaurant was as you entered. I was invited to try the exclusive set menu collaboration between world-class meat connoisseur, José Gordón x The Worlds End Market. 

José Gordón's set menu had been described as "The World's Best Steak" which I personally think is a bold statement to say. I was honestly so excited to try this set menu just because I am huge lover of steak and I know José Gordón is a highly respected chef. The steak itself is from Spain where José is from,  José raises, ages and cooks his meat to the very highest of standards. An hour outside the Spanish town of Leon, José’s the hugely successful restaurant, El Capricho Proprietor offers seasonal and locally sourced dishes which adapts to an ever-changing menu while a carefully selected wine list balances old and new world vintage labels. 

José has saved us all the trouble of booking an Easy Jet flight to Spain to sample his meat by bringing Spain right to our doorstep in the heart of Chelsea. The set menu story began by presenting the gorgeous steak tartare using premium Ox meat blended together with spices and herbs to really make your tastebuds tingle. It came with two slices of bread which made this starter extra delicious.  

The carpaccio from Entrecote which was matured for 180 days with olive oil and salt was simply stunning. It''s not a dish I would generally go for but I found that this starter had a real richness of taste that went beautifully with a glass of wine. I think because it was matured for 180 days this really gave the carpaccio that unique taste. 

The secret weapon finally arrived at the table LOL the slices Vacio De Bue, usually I don’t have steak rare just because I love my meat to be more well done. But the restaurant manager advised us that José's meat is best cooked rare because you get the most beautiful juicy steak you have ever tasted. The steak made my Sunday night even more better, just because it was so full of flavour, with great texture and the portions were very generous too which I found pleasing. The steak came with a gorgeous seasoned salad and some bread. I just wish it came with chips as whenever I have steak I need chips to feature in with the main. 

It was now time for the last course, I honestly was so full by this time but the deserts actually commanded my stomach to make room. I had to have the chocolate fondant served with vanilla ice cream, honestly this desert was actually life! I honestly needed a moment to myself after one bite, the way it just melted in my mouth and the warm gooey chocolate center had me quiet for at least 2 minutes while I indulged in the rich cocoa flavours. 

I'm so glad I got to visit The Worlds End Market it was such a beautiful end to the weekend. As for it being the best steak in the world It definitely comes close in my books. I would  like to recommend you all go try the José Gordón set menu as it was just divine. If your looking for a beautiful easy restaurant then The World's End Market is your place. Next time I really want to try other dishes on their main menu, as the guests next to us were having an amazing fish dish which looked divine. 

Thank you The Worlds End Market for having me. -x- 

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