JOOP! WOW! The Scent That Makes The Man

So last week I had the most amazing experience I was invited to attend a mystery luxury fragrance launch, all of it was a secret and a pleasant surprise. So after getting ready and putting my outfit together which you will see in my YouTube video below. A beautiful Mercedes picked up me! THIS CAR WAS STUNNING!! The driver was so friendly and a real gentleman, he opened the door for me and told me to play the video on the IPad facing me.

So the brand was finally revealed the launch was JOOP! WOW! The video played the ad campaign and it was such a pleasure to watch. After the video finished playing the driver then told me to open my card and then open the big orange box. The card was an invitation to a luxury experience with JOOP! So I then began to open the box, OMG!! The box opened like a magical package from Harry Potter LOL! It was the JOOP! WOW fragrance. The box lit up as I opened it I couldn’t believe how beautiful the whole package was.  

I finally arrived at the secret location in Soho where I was greeted by the lovely COTY PR the girls at the door were so lovely and welcoming. As I sat down I noticed a few other popular menswear bloggers and influencers, we all waited as the PR came down and selected everyone in groups to visit the JOOP experience. 

So as we got selected in groups it was now our turn to go upstairs, as we arrived to the first floor we were talked through the fragrance. The lovely gentleman gave us each a scent stick of each ingredient that was in JOOP WOW, he told us to smell each stick and we also got to put together our favorite scent. Its so crazy that when I smell JOOP WOW now I can smell each ingredient he taught us about in the fragrance. 

 We were then taken to the next floor, this time to have our taste buds tested by trying some of their finest gin. The main flavours from the fragrance were created into the taste of the gin, we mixed and combined notes from the fragrance to make our own beautiful gin. My bottle was super strong LOL I couldn’t drink too much as I forgot, I had a personal training session after the event. 

The last experience was really about grasping and revealing the JOOP! Man. Edward Sexton an bespoke tailor was on the next floor, presenting some of their most iconic tailored pieces with a sprinkle of what they produce at Saville Row. The journey had a come to an end, all the bloggers were later invited upstairs to finish the experience with a glass of champagne and some canapés.

JOOP! WOW! Is available nationwide from February 1st
60ML £39
100ML £52

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