José Gordón and The World's End Market: The world’s best steak review

So last night I went to The World's End Market in Chelsea, the restaurant was simply stunning. I loved how beautiful the interior of the restaurant was as you entered. I was invited to try the exclusive set menu collaboration between world-class meat connoisseur, José Gordón x The Worlds End Market. 

José Gordón's set menu had been described as "The World's Best Steak" which I personally think is a bold statement to say. I was honestly so excited to try this set menu just because I am huge lover of steak and I know José Gordón is a highly respected chef. The steak itself is from Spain where José is from,  José raises, ages and cooks his meat to the very highest of standards. An hour outside the Spanish town of Leon, José’s the hugely successful restaurant, El Capricho Proprietor offers seasonal and locally sourced dishes which adapts to an ever-changing menu while a carefully selected wine list balances old and new world vintage labels. 

José has saved us all the trouble of booking an Easy Jet flight to Spain to sample his meat by bringing Spain right to our doorstep in the heart of Chelsea. The set menu story began by presenting the gorgeous steak tartare using premium Ox meat blended together with spices and herbs to really make your tastebuds tingle. It came with two slices of bread which made this starter extra delicious.  

The carpaccio from Entrecote which was matured for 180 days with olive oil and salt was simply stunning. It''s not a dish I would generally go for but I found that this starter had a real richness of taste that went beautifully with a glass of wine. I think because it was matured for 180 days this really gave the carpaccio that unique taste. 

The secret weapon finally arrived at the table LOL the slices Vacio De Bue, usually I don’t have steak rare just because I love my meat to be more well done. But the restaurant manager advised us that José's meat is best cooked rare because you get the most beautiful juicy steak you have ever tasted. The steak made my Sunday night even more better, just because it was so full of flavour, with great texture and the portions were very generous too which I found pleasing. The steak came with a gorgeous seasoned salad and some bread. I just wish it came with chips as whenever I have steak I need chips to feature in with the main. 

It was now time for the last course, I honestly was so full by this time but the deserts actually commanded my stomach to make room. I had to have the chocolate fondant served with vanilla ice cream, honestly this desert was actually life! I honestly needed a moment to myself after one bite, the way it just melted in my mouth and the warm gooey chocolate center had me quiet for at least 2 minutes while I indulged in the rich cocoa flavours. 

I'm so glad I got to visit The Worlds End Market it was such a beautiful end to the weekend. As for it being the best steak in the world It definitely comes close in my books. I would  like to recommend you all go try the José Gordón set menu as it was just divine. If your looking for a beautiful easy restaurant then The World's End Market is your place. Next time I really want to try other dishes on their main menu, as the guests next to us were having an amazing fish dish which looked divine. 

Thank you The Worlds End Market for having me. -x- 

Prince's Trust x L'Oreal Paris "All Worth It" Campaign

I am proud to announce I'm an ambassador for the Prince's Trust & L'Oreal Paris "All Worth It" campaign. When I was growing up there was no one I could speak to for advice and there wasn't a role model figure around I could look up to. With the "All Worth It" campaign we can help so many young people turn their self doubt into self worth. 

I am so honoured to be apart of this campaign, L'Oreal have truly outdone themselves by teaming up with The Prince's Trust to create such a dynamic campaign for such a beautiful cause. I can't wait to visit one of the Prince's Trust course centre's to spread my knowledge on overcoming self doubt. 

Check our my personal story on overcoming self doubt below:

  How amazing is this!!! A BILLBOARD RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF PICCADILLY CIRCUS!! I actually started shaking when I saw this! It was literally too much LOL!

I also got to have a fabulous selfie with the gorgeous Helen Mirren! What an honour!

Thank you so much L'Oreal Paris x The Prince's Trust

My Micro Scalp Pigmentation With The Vinci Hair Clinic

So I thought I would share my Micro Scalp Pigmentation experience with you which I had at  the Vinci Hair Clinic in London. For years I've been battling my insecurities because of my dramatic receding hair line. Honestly this has effected me since I turned 16, I would always wear a range of hat's to the club and if the club didn’t accept any type of hat I would just leave and go home. It was literally too much I then started having hair extensions, such as weaves so I would relax my hair every month and have different types of hair installed. So I could have a full head of hair but my sides were always shaved to make it more edgy. 

A few months ago I woke up and decided I couldn't do this anymore, I literally cut off all my hair then went to the barber and had it shaved to a number 1 grade. I was so happy because I could finally feel the wind on my scalp LOL but my hair line was still a mess. I remember my friend Chris speaking about this hair clinic in London and how they helped people with hair loss in different kind of ways. I hit him up and asked what the different options were available for my kind of hair loss, I sent him some pictures and waited for him to get back to me.  

Chris got back to me and told me that Micro Scalp Pigmentation at the Vinci Clinic would best fit my requirements, and that this procedure was almost pain free and simple. I did some research and MSP looked amazing because I didn’t really want to grow my hair back again and I also looked at having a hair transplant, but it looked very complicated. I knew that I wanted MSP so I set up consultation, and had my 1st session with Vinci Hair Clinic in London. 

My 1st session was amazing I had Magdalena doing my hair session and she knew exactly what she was talking about. She drew the shape of the hair line she thought would best suit my face. She warned me that going to sharp and too square with any hair line when doing MSP can appear very false. One thing I knew that was I didn’t want my hairline to look like a madness at all LOL. 

Magdalena explained that our MSP sessions would consist of 3 visits, the 1st session is designing the hairline and starting off with a lighter pigment just so during the 2nd session we can make adjustments to the shape if need be. Then when time for the 3rd session we can really finalize the hairline and go in with the final darker pigment which will be the final design. 
My sessions went so smoothly and so quickly, because I only needed half of head of MSP it didn’t take that long at all. I would say it took about 2 hours max but you obviously have breaks in between MSP sessions on the day. Micro Scalp Pigmentation gave me the confidence I needed back into my life, no more wearing hats on holiday or ringing a club before a night out to require the dress code.  

I would recommend MSP (Micro Scalp Pigmentation) to anyone that just wants their hairline restored and needs something quick and simple. The only thing Is once you have MSP your hairline needs to be a 0 grade for it to look natural. But please watch my video below for more details on this treatment and if you have anymore questions don't hesitate to get in contact with me. 

I just want to say thank you to all of  the Vinci Hair Clinic team for me being so accommodating and bringing confidence back into my life again.

Wishing It Was Summer

So it's February and here I am in my mesh two piece wishing it was summer babes. I always feel super sexy and defined when wearing this piece. This is actually a different set from Mass Branded, I have 2 sets in black and the other version in white. Make sure to check them out they are based in Hong Kong and they make the sexiest two pieces ever. 

This black mesh two piece is just a show stopper for me, every time I wear it I can pair it with a puffa jacket or even a bomber to style it in various ways. What I love about this piece is that not only is it sexy, its body defining so it makes your body look super lean. 

This year I'm trying to get my body into check and really put on a few stone and defiantly bulk up. If you can't tell *wink wink* I really want to start putting out different content and also do more fitness and lifestyle posts. 

Hat – Balenciaga (Sold out in Store) 
Puffa – Ivy Park 
Black mesh two piece – Mass Branded 
Shoes – Christian Louboutin 
Bag – MCM 
Photographer – Dorcas Taiwo

ThePlasticBoy x RVMG Hangout

So last week Friday I hosted my own hangout with the fabulous Red Velvet Music Group. Priscilla and Elizabeth who both own RVMG asked me in early January if I could be their next guest for the hangout. It was my pleasure to accept their offer and then we all both came out with some amazing ideas on how my hangout would be delivered.  
This hangout was like a meet a greet for some of my YouTube subscribers and also for some of my Instagram followers. Other bloggers and industry professionals were invited to the hangout too. I was also super excited that Temi from JTO Fashion would be hosting and interviewing me and DJ Cuppy would be there dropping those dirty beats LOL.  

A hangout is something I have never ever done, I was super nervous but also excited. So last Friday the vibes were perfect, we had a good turnout and the crowd was super sassy and fabulous. Check the pictures below: 

I really want to thank everyone that came down to the hangout, and also my sponsors: 

Working with RVMG was amazing everyone was so supportive and always willing to help. RVMG was always in the office to accept deliveries and help me if I needed any  additional sponsors. If I was to organise another hangout again I would 100% want Red Velvet MUSIC Group to help organise this for me. RVMG did an awesome job with the space and provided my event with interns which helped everything run smoothly.

I want to give a special thank you to Elizabeth and Priscilla who were always at my back and call.  Temi and Cuppy thank you for being such beautiful hosts and playing the most sickest beats. Also to all the sweet interns that helped out on the night of the hangout thank you! 

I would also love to thank my amazing friend Jen Eleto who helped me with getting sponsors and pointing me in the right direction for my event.

Check out the live podcast from my RVMG hangout event here
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