Skincare products you need this winter!

So its 2017 and this is my first official blog post for the new year. I haven't blogged much recently as I'm really trying to think about what content I produce for my blog. So I thought why not do a blog post on "The skincare products you need this winter" 

I love skincare! Well actually I'm obsessed, if you live in England you will know how drastic the weather is, its literally too much. I have been using a various range of products of different price ranges that I think will benefit everyone's skin regimen this winter. 

I love this moisturizer! I have been using it for the past few months. This product does the perfect job of keeping my face hydrated and it helps smooth and tighten my skin with the wheat protein extract. I love the packaging it's simple and easy to throw in your gym bag.  

This cleanser from Anthony is the most softest cleanser ever! It feels like butter on the skin, it removes surface impurities without drying out my skin. I love it because it’s the only Glycolic cleanser I've tried that’s gentle enough to handle my skin. 

These exfoliating wipes are life! I feel like every time I use these they automatically bring my skin back to life. They leave my skin feeling hydrated and refreshingly cool.

So because its 2017 I'm actually going to do a competition to win this amazing Anthony 3 piece set. All you need to do is follow me on Twitter and on Instagram and Retweet this skincare post! A winner will be picked at random! WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED SUNDAY 22ND January. All products are available at ManKind

So this is a winner for me automatically! I use this oil control mask once a week, and I can suddenly notice a difference throughout the day. My oily t-zone becomes more controlled and I find this minimizes my pores also, so this product is perfect for winter because sometimes my skin can become over oily. 

These custom drops by Cover FX are everything! These contain vitamin C and lemongrass that help brighten up the skin. I mix this with my foundation to give me a lovely dewy glow throughout winter. 

So this is a new product I have been using for the past few days, and I love it.  You can never really go wrong with Shiseido their range of skin care is stunning. The gel is included in an amazing collaboration with world class skier Kevin Rolland. The Hydro master gel controls oil and gives you maximum hydration without your skin feeling sticky. As Kevin Rolland skies in the most coldest climates this gel is perfect for winter. 

This moisturizer is  concentrated glycerin formula that helps to really hydrate and moisturize dry skin.Yu-Be can be taken in any weather climate because of its deep moisturizing benefits, you could take this to Jamaica then to the North Pole. A perfect moisturizer for this winter.

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