My Non Surgical Nose Job With Skin and Follicle

So on Monday I decided to visit the Skin and Follicle clinic on the Hagley road. Skin and Follicle are a new clinic based just outside the centre of Birmingham. The location is perfect and discreet and it’s a 10 minute cab right from Birmingham New St. Station. 

When I arrived at the clinic I met the lovely clinic manager Sumita who was just so welcoming and friendly, Sumita sat me down and was talking to me about a range of treatments they do at the clinic. At Skin and Follicle their most popular operation is a robotic hair transplant which sounds amazing and they also do non surgical treatments e.g lip fillers and peels. 

I originally wanted to get my lips re-done at the Skin and Follicle clinic but after meeting the lovely  Dr Ayad and speaking more in depth about the treatments the clinic offers. Dr Ayad mentioned a 3 point rhinoplasty which is a non-surgical rhinoplasty nose correction. I was immediately curious to try this because I have always wanted a nose job because I felt that my bridge always dropped very low. 

Dr Ayad explained that this would help lift the tip of the nose and also straighten your nose. So if you find that your nose is quite hooked or bent this procedure may not be the best for you, plastic surgery could be a better route but it's always best to see a professional. 

Dr Ayad in the video talks me through every step of the procedure, it was totally painless and I didn’t feel anything at all. I can totally notice a difference and especially when I highlight and contour my nose it just looks even more defined. I have left the video below just so you can view this procedure from behind the camera. 

I would 100% recommend this procedure, its fast and there is no down time at all. You can go to work the next day and its totally painless and the filler has anaesthetic inside so its a breeze. The procedure takes 7- 10 minutes.

Here a pictures of what my nose looked like before: 

And after: 


Thank you so much Skin and Follicle!!!


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