My Cheek Fillers Experience With Look Lovely London

It's almost the end of the year, and I thought I would share my cheek fillers blog post with you guys. So I know this looks mad because I only just posted my 3 point filler rhinoplasty post last week, but I recorded this before  I had that done. I just want to say I am 100% happy with my looks, it's just I want to enhance certain qualities on my face. So far I haven't had any work done where I've had to use any aesthetic. All the procedures I'm going through are completely non-surgical. 

I decided to visit Look Lovely London again because this isn't the 1st time I've had fillers. I actually had them done for the first time in November with Davina at her clinic. I'm going to be honest I was scared because we have all heard certain horror stories with fillers. I think when getting fillers you have to be really careful and really understand your face shape. 

When I had my 1st set of fillers done I wanted my left cheekbone to have more filler in because my right cheek bone was more pronounced than my left one. Davina advised that only 5% of us have symmetrical faces so it's quite common to have this. I was so happy when I had my 1st set done it looked totally natural and I never felt any pain or bruised at all the next day. I had this procedure done just before I went to Dubai before my birthday, after giving it some thought I decided that I wanted 1ml more of filler in my cheekbones. I knew the look I wanted in my head and I knew that the first batch just wasn’t enough, it looked amazing but it wasn't as defined as I had imagined in my head. 

So after visiting the lovely Davina for the 2nd  time it went so smoothly and perfectly. Davina advised me that we could just inject the filler into the cheekbones equally this time. As before she applied so numbing cream and a cool ice pack before she injected the filler to prevent bruising and any pain. What I love about Davina is that she knew the kind of look I wanted to go for, but she also advised me on my 1st visit just to have 1ml to just see how I felt about the change before I decided to go for anymore. 

Check out my video down below on how I go on with my 2nd visit to Look Lovely London. Don't forget to check out Look Lovely London they are 10 minute walk from St John's Wood underground station.

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