Christmas with Boohoo Man

So guys I am so excited for Christmas its unreal! Maybe its because it’s a week right after my 

birthday so they always fall on the same day. There's nothing like being at home with a cozy snuggly 

jumper with a glass of baileys on the rocks or some delicious mulled wine. 

The best thing about Christmas jumpers is that they are just so easy to wear with anything, joggers, 

a bathrobe or even some smart trousers. I always find It so hard to dress for Christmas day, so 

throwing on a cozy jumper is just the best way forward. 

When I was shopping on Boohoo Man I came across their awesome Christmas Jumper selection. 

They have such a huge variety and some of the jumpers are absolutely hilarious. Be warned not all 

of them are for the office if you know what I mean HA!! So I decided to go for this gorgeous red 

Christmas pudding jumper to get me in the Christmas spirit. 

I would love to know what Christmas jumpers you love on Boohoo man, actually I would love to 

know what jumper matches you personality perfectly. Why don't you take the quiz below to find out 

"What Christmas Jumper are you" 

When you finish the quiz tweet me or snapchat me on @ThePlasticboy to let me know what 

Christmas jumper you are :)

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