Glam Glow Gravity Mud Review

So I received some gorgeous face muds from Glam Glow, I have used their Youth Mud before which was just amazing. Glam Glow sells it self because you can automatically see it working once its on your skin doing its magic.  

I decided to venture out and try the famous Gravity Mud which has just now become available to purchase in the UK and online. I've watched so many reviews on the Gravity Mud so I was already buzzing to try it. The best thing about it is that once it's all over your face it has this gorgeous metallic silver tone to it, which is so unique for a face mask as their usually black or white or a stone colour. 
I was so pleased when I saw that this mud came with a brush because, mud masks can be messy and not everybody has a clean brush lying around to use on a mask. So I began layering the silver mud across my face but I noticed if you want the mask to peel off flawlessly you really need to apply a generous amount. Please remember to avoid all facial hair, as if you get a large amount into your hair it could cause it to be ripped out when taking the mask off.  

When I finished applying it to all over my face, I left it for about 30 –35 minutes and then came back to notice it had dried nicely. So it was time to peel this baby off, I started in the centre of the face and worked my way out. Everything was peeling off perfectly and as I started in the centre everything started to connect and peel off all together. 

Once the mask was off I  got some cotton pads and dipped them in warm water, just to wipe off any areas that I couldn’t peel off with my fingers. OH MY GOD!!! My skin just looked so much healthier and so much brighter. I would definitely use this before hitting the town on a night out, because my skin looked like it was baking from heaven and it was ready to eat. This mask is 100% in my favourite list now and you can also use this mask twice a week just to give your skin the best benefits of using this. 

Check my video out to see my 1st reaction and my review in depth.

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