My fitness journey with MyProtein

So for the past few months I have been up and down on a fitness journey, being in London its so hard to just stay active and be healthy. Temptation is all around you and working 9-5 its hard to even cook the night before and to just be all prepared with food for the week.  

It was only August this year where I started to take my training seriously, I got a new personal trainer called Nick Templar who is literally amazing but the training is very intense. If you your looking for an amazing trainer based in Greenwich who will work you to you sweat blood LOL he is definitely the perfect trainer for you. 

I was always taking a mix of supplements from different brands not really noticing any difference in my body, but then one of my friends recommended me to get some protein powder of MyProtein. MyProtein is a super efficient website for fitness supplements such as Protein snacks, Gym shakers and, BCAA pills. MyProtein has everything you can think of to fitness clothes to amazing brownie protein snacks for when your on the go. 

I have been using for the past months: 

Impact Whey Protein – This protein powder has the best flavour ever but it's not too sweet so you know it's not bad for you. I love using this in between work shifts and just right after my workout. This is just a quicker way of sourcing protein to my body right after an intense workout. Its also for you if you haven't  had a bite to eat for 1-3 hours just to get something into your system. 

Almond Butter – I love this butter because I LOVE ALMONDS. This butter is so tasty and so good for you. There's nothing like a nice warm whole wheat bagel with a slap of Almond butter on, it's so smooth and great for bulking up. 

MYPRE – This stuff is amazing it's had a blend of vitamins and creatine with some caffeine to really help you wake up and be alert for any workout. It does say try 1 scoop for your 1st dose, but I normally use 2 scoops. My Pre is super strong and you can feel it immediately wake the body up and I always feel 100% focused after taking this. Remember to take it 30 minutes before your workout to get the maximum effect. 

Micellar Casein – This works like a dream honestly! How did I not know about this years ago? When we go to sleep we starve our bodies for a few hours so naturally the muscle tissue can start to break down. This protein slowly releases protein throughout your body while you sleep so it will stop you losing muscle mass plus it also helps with muscle recovery throughout the night. 

You guys should definitely check out MyProtein for all your fitness supplements and workout gear.


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