Chicago Rib Shack Soft Launch Review

So last week Thursday I attend the soft launch of the Chicago Rib shack at their new location in Aldgate East in London. Prior to this I heard such good things about their food but had never really visited any of their other restaurants around London.  

So when arriving to the launch with my friends it was a full house and the restaurant had such a buzzing vibe. You could see so much people having so much fun with a range of various dishes being allocated around the room. From Ribs to spicy chicken burgers and macaroni and cheese bites which were all so delicious. 

I really couldn’t get over how good everything tasted, the food was so fresh and everything was perfectly presented. The burgers were so addictive I just kept have one after the other LOL. My favorite were the grilled prawns because they were so soft but extremely juicy with the right amount of flavor. The Rib shack even had a Keith Lemon impersonator going around the room entertaining people. He really fooled me! I actually thought it was him until I inspected him from a closer point of view.  

I really enjoyed myself at the Chicago Rib shack the venue has a really cool color scheme and its very spacious plus they do the most divine cocktails. I only had 1 though as I was driving, so I will definitely have to take another trip down to experience more of the cocktails.  

The Rib Shack bought out the deserts before the launch ended, I'm not a really huge desert person but their deserts are out of this world. The brownie!!!!!! This brownie was the softest most lightest brownie that has ever touched my lips. It was like eating air but with a sweet warm coat of goodness. They also bought out a lemon tart cookie which was also lovely too, the deserts definitely made me leave with a big smile on my face. 

Thank you Chicago Rib Shack for inviting me down, I had a divine night and the food was just fabulous.

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