The L'oreal True Match #YoursTruly Campaign

So 2 weeks ago on Sunday the L'oreal True Match campaign launched, It was actually so hard to keep it a secret you know! Shooting it was just unreal I got to see Cheryl Cole who is just extremely beautiful for words and I also got to meet the gorgeous Lydia Millen who was an actual darling along with some other amazing bloggers. 

Filming this campaign is literally one of the best things I've done ever, when L'oreal asked me to appear in this campaign I literally didn’t understand and had to pause what I was doing at the time for a good 8 minutes LOL. The L'oreal True Match campaign means so much to me because it's not just about me sharing my story it's about showing to the world, boys can wear makeup too it's not just about girls when we are discussing makeup.   I remember a while back wearing makeup going about my business, day to day and being teased or hearing the most unpleasant comment off people in the street that just didn’t understand it.  

Now that we are in 2016 I think the world is being more open, specially with guys wearing makeup and just the LGBT community in general. There are so much male beauty bloggers now on YouTube then there was a few years ago which is just perfect.  

It feels insane!!! I remember the day before the campaign came out and the Daily Mail wrote an article stating I am the first male to appear in a major beauty campaign. Reading this I almost cried! Well I did ha!!! The feeling is literally priceless. I got the most beautiful comments from boys all around the world telling me how proud they were of me and this was a major step for boys who wore makeup. 

I just want to thank L'oreal for including me in this campaign they just made one of my dreams come true. I feel like sharing my True Match story with everyone was presented and created in the most beautiful way in this advert! Its so weird now when I go into Superdrug or Boots and I see myself its the most bizarre feeling ever but its the best! So much people keep tagging me or sending me pictures whenever they see the advert on TV or if there in store its so surreal.

Check out the advert guys and share your True Match story in the comments. I have also did a review on the foundation and spoken more about being featured in the campaign. 

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