Mankind Grooming Box Summer Edit Edition Review

So Mankind have done it again with another fabulous Grooming box but this time it’s the summer edition. I feel like Mankind always make the most essential grooming boxes, because everything inside is a MUST!!! If your someone who always loves to try different products before you buy something than this grooming box is perfect for you.  

The grooming boxes also make perfect gifts, I think the surprise element behind these boxes are great because it has such a varied range of products that will get you through the summer season looking polished and cute.  

Mankind offer this gorgeous box with £100 worth of products just for the sliced fee of £25 with free shipping of course. You actually can't go wrong with this box and it's everyman's necessity. 

The Mankind grooming box contains: 

Men-U Shampoo  
Men-U Conditioner  
Jack Black Mint Lip Balm  
Hanz de Fuko Gravity Paste 
Mr Natty Shipwrecked Shower Wash  
Imedeen Man Age Tablets 
 Levi’s Socks  

I do love that this box came with some Levi socks as I always lose my socks, so this box came with 2 pairs which was amazing. I actually carry the Jack Black mint lip balm around with me everywhere, it smells amazing and it keeps my lips so smooth. 

The Imedeen man age tablets really intrigued me, I'm a huge fan of taking supplements to help the skins appearance, I've seen these tablets before and know they are the price of this box alone so the value of this grooming box is the best on the market.

Also something that I have wanted for ages is the FOREO Luna Mini 2. This device is meant to take your skin to another level but then transform it for the gods LOL 

It also has silicone bristles which makes it super hygienic and resists against bacteria. You only need to charge it for a short amount of time which is always good. I'm going to do a video review on this product while I'm holiday next week for my Youtube. 

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