London Grafitti Tour With Farfetch!

So I had the best time ever last weekend, I got to go on a menswear graffiti tour event with London Street Art Tours. When Farfetch asked me to attend this graffiti tour I was super excited because I know any events they do are always going to be super cool. Farfetch is a global community with over 400 fashion boutiques to give us the best fashion at the click of our fingers. Orders made from Farfetch are handpicked and delivered directly from the boutique right to our doors. 

Farfetch invited me and few menswear bloggers out last Saturday afternoon. I didn’t know what quite to expect on a graffiti tour as I have never really taken the time to appreciate the graffiti around London. We all had to meet outside The Shoreditch grind just by Old Street station. I was so nervous because meeting other menswear bloggers can be quite daunting especially if your alone. But everyone was in the same boat and thank god I knew some of the bloggers that arrived so it wasn’t too scary.  

It was amazing to finally meet the lovely Farfetch social team, they are all so lovely and made me feel so welcome. It's always great to meet the team of such a big brand, up and personal because it creates a connection and a relationship instead of just talking through email back to back. 

Before we started the tour we did a mini photo shoot each individually to show off our items that we got from Farfetch. I choose the beautifully Y-3 Qasa Neoprene sneakers, they are the most comfortable sneakers I have ever wore. Plus the tone of grey they are really stand out on my skin tone which I loved. 

It was so fun to meet all these different menswear bloggers, because I manly do beauty it was very refreshing to be around guys that mainly did menswear. Our tour started and was done by the sweetest guy known as Steam156 who is a legendary graffiti and street art documenter with over 30 years of experience of documenting graffiti art around the world. Steam has been featured in the Sunday times and in ID Magazine plus many more. 

The tour was super interesting Steam took us around east London but was asking us to stop in the most random places and look down to find chewing gum that had been painted by the most talented artist. Before I took this tour I always used to see Graffiti around London and not think anything of it but these platforms of art have a message and a great depth of meaning.  

It was so interesting when Steam told us out how Banksy would create masterpieces on local building owners properties and then they would have someone cut out this masterpiece and have it covered in glass then to be sold for millions. The tour was delightful I couldn't get my head around how someone could be so talented. Steam definitely made me want to explore London more and build my knowledge up about graffiti artists. 

Thank you Farfetch for such a unique experience around London 


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