L'Oreal Men Expert review & My Exante Diet regime

So a few weeks ago I got sent the new L'Oreal men expert body care range, which totally surprised me. I love L'Oreal so much I do use their deodorant and face washes from time to time. I received their new range of shower gels, each one is specifically designed for different purposes. My favourite one has to be the "Cool Power" shower gel, I use this after every gym session to keep my body super cool and to prevent me from sweating when I'm on my way to work each morning. 

L'Oreal have also bought out a new Hydra Powder face wash, which I received but sadly I finished it already. I love the way this feels on my skin, it doesn't leave any greasy residue on my face and its so easy to wash off. I'm actually loving everything from L'Oreal at the moment, I wanted to really try out all of these products before I wrote a review on them because I wanted to see how they reacted with my skin. The shower gels are actually the best I've ever used though, the size is insane and will last you a couple of weeks.  

If you want to see more of the L'Oreal Men Expert range click here. 

I have also been wanting to get my summer body groove back, well my summer body hasn’t really arrived yet but because I work 8 – 4.30pm everyday its really hard to keep my diet in check. So recently I have been using the amazing Exante diet, I swear this has made my life so much easier. Everything comes all packaged so you don't need to meal prep as much for the week.  

I received a box full of goodies containing some soups and ready made dishes such as tuna pasta and chicken hot pots. I'm addicted to their protein crisps and protein bars. When I'm at work if I don’t have anything healthy to munch on I always find myself at the vending machine buying a Twix and not just one I mean 3 in one day (SICKENING)  

Exante has really helped me with my diet and the way I prep for work and the weekend. Exante do different plans just depending on the goals you wish to achieve. I'm bulking at the moment  so I chose the weight control meals, that had high protein ready made meals and protein porridges which was perfect for me. 

You should really check out Exante Diet here but there more info in my video above.


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