The Mankind Premium Mankind Box!

So I literally landed back in London from Dubai on Thursday and have been in bed for the past few days. So on Saturday I got the most amazing package from Mankind, it was there limited edition Premium Mankind Box. 

When I opened the box I literally screamed because I'm a huge fan of Clinque and Lab Series. The limited edition box contained 6 items. Did I mention everything is TRAVEL SIZE also YAY!!!! 

  • Lab Series Multi Action Face Wash – I've used this before it’s a simple multi action face wash that helps condition and helps dissolve excess oil. You can never go wrong with Lab Series skincare. 

  •           Lab Series  Shave Cream - I love a rich creamy shaving cream because you can really tell how soft it leaves your skin, without it making your skin go crazy dry.  This allows your razor to glide on your skin little butter. 

  • Clinque For Men Facial Scrub – I used to work for MAC cosmetics which is apart of the Estee Lauder group, So I know how brilliant Clinque men skin care is. I have also used this facial scrub before it actually leaves my skin feeling so light but extra smooth and polished. This is a excellent facial scrub for guys that aren't sure where to start in the skin care spectrum. 


  • Clinque For Men Moisturizing Lotion – This lotion is the BOMB!!! I love it because its gives your skin this matte natural shine free look. It helps to keep your skin from going to dry without being too heavy. 

  • Bumble and Bumple – Surf Foam Wash Shampoo & Rinse Conditioner. 

I've actually just cut my hair off so I haven't used these products recently. But when my hair was longer I used to use Bumble & Bumble all the time. It makes your hair smell so fresh and allows your hair to be clean of all impurities.  

Thank you Mankind you guys are truly a god send, now my skin can stay looking matte, healthy and moisturized all year around. Check out their limited Premium Mankind Box here.

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