My Long Weekend In Berlin @ The Ellington Hotel

``So a few weeks ago I decided to go to Berlin for the weekend just because I need a little break. I was suppose to go with a friend but he dropped out, so I thought f**k it! I'll go by myself and have the best time ever. 

I stayed at the Ellington Hotel just near the center of Berlin, the hotel was actually stunning. I received the best customer service, when I arrived my room wasn’t ready because check-in is usually at 15.00 but I arrived at 11.30ish. So the lovely guy at reception got my room ready for 12.00 which was amazing because I was so shattered. I need to remind myself never to get a flight at 6.40am AGAIN!!! 

The Ellington hotel had this vintage modern vibe to it which was something I didn’t initially expect. I love the way, when you enter reception everything is just so white and clean. Coming to Berlin again really made me fall in love with the city all over again. I remember coming Berlin like 6 years ago but I never really got to experience the proper city life of Berlin.  

The Ellington also do a beautiful buffet breakfast which was a lifesaver, for my hangover after club Berghain.

So I remember entering my room thinking oh my god! The lovely Ellington hotel made sure I was in a super deluxe room for my long weekend stay. The room was huge and very modern, I can't believe little old me had all this space to myself. It was perfect for me because I had a tripod where I could film myself and catch the beautiful interior and lighting of the room. 

I really had the best time ever in Berlin, I want to thank The Ellington Hotel for giving me the best stay ever. Make sure if you guys are in Berlin to check them out. Don't forget to watch my V-log on my Berlin travels it’s a more in depth v-log this time. 

Gary –x-

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