Enigma @ The Palazzo Versace Dubai

So last week I was in the beautiful city of Dubai, I swear to god every time I go there it just feels more and more like home. Each time I come back something new opens, its either a new hotel or a new club it's crazy.  

So this time going I had to hit up the Palazzo Versace hotel, one word STUNNING! As I entered the hotel my eyes couldn’t stop glaring from side to side. Everything was so shiny and perfect, it was as if this hotel wasn’t even real. We went to dine at this restaurant inside the hotel called Enigma. Walking into Enigma it had this warm welcoming feeling, It was smaller than I expected but the settings were definitely intimate. You know sometimes when your in a loud restaurant and the acoustics are all  wrong and you can hear conversations from all over the room, it's totally not cute! Enigma is nothing like that you can actually hear one another without shouting. 

The hotels menu was like reading a little story book, if I remember correctly you can choose between 6 courses and 12 courses per person. But we stuck to 6 courses as the 12 seemed very intense. If you do decide to go 6 courses is actually perfect because you don't leave feeling like you can't walk back to your taxi in one piece.  The restaurant has a different chef every 3 months, so each chef brings his own story to the menu.

Its really hard to describe this restaurant without being there because the experience is so divine. Did I mention they do the best cocktail I have ever had in my life, the cocktail arrived with the waiter mixing it in the form of liquid nitrogen. The cocktail was the business literally! You eat the cocktail first as it’s a cold ice cream then it melts to this cool sweet liquid YUM!!! 

If you guys are ever in Dubai make sure to check out Enigma because you won't regret this experience.

My Long Weekend In Berlin @ The Ellington Hotel

``So a few weeks ago I decided to go to Berlin for the weekend just because I need a little break. I was suppose to go with a friend but he dropped out, so I thought f**k it! I'll go by myself and have the best time ever. 

I stayed at the Ellington Hotel just near the center of Berlin, the hotel was actually stunning. I received the best customer service, when I arrived my room wasn’t ready because check-in is usually at 15.00 but I arrived at 11.30ish. So the lovely guy at reception got my room ready for 12.00 which was amazing because I was so shattered. I need to remind myself never to get a flight at 6.40am AGAIN!!! 

The Ellington hotel had this vintage modern vibe to it which was something I didn’t initially expect. I love the way, when you enter reception everything is just so white and clean. Coming to Berlin again really made me fall in love with the city all over again. I remember coming Berlin like 6 years ago but I never really got to experience the proper city life of Berlin.  

The Ellington also do a beautiful buffet breakfast which was a lifesaver, for my hangover after club Berghain.

So I remember entering my room thinking oh my god! The lovely Ellington hotel made sure I was in a super deluxe room for my long weekend stay. The room was huge and very modern, I can't believe little old me had all this space to myself. It was perfect for me because I had a tripod where I could film myself and catch the beautiful interior and lighting of the room. 

I really had the best time ever in Berlin, I want to thank The Ellington Hotel for giving me the best stay ever. Make sure if you guys are in Berlin to check them out. Don't forget to watch my V-log on my Berlin travels it’s a more in depth v-log this time. 

Gary –x-

The Mankind Premium Mankind Box!

So I literally landed back in London from Dubai on Thursday and have been in bed for the past few days. So on Saturday I got the most amazing package from Mankind, it was there limited edition Premium Mankind Box. 

When I opened the box I literally screamed because I'm a huge fan of Clinque and Lab Series. The limited edition box contained 6 items. Did I mention everything is TRAVEL SIZE also YAY!!!! 

  • Lab Series Multi Action Face Wash – I've used this before it’s a simple multi action face wash that helps condition and helps dissolve excess oil. You can never go wrong with Lab Series skincare. 

  •           Lab Series  Shave Cream - I love a rich creamy shaving cream because you can really tell how soft it leaves your skin, without it making your skin go crazy dry.  This allows your razor to glide on your skin little butter. 

  • Clinque For Men Facial Scrub – I used to work for MAC cosmetics which is apart of the Estee Lauder group, So I know how brilliant Clinque men skin care is. I have also used this facial scrub before it actually leaves my skin feeling so light but extra smooth and polished. This is a excellent facial scrub for guys that aren't sure where to start in the skin care spectrum. 


  • Clinque For Men Moisturizing Lotion – This lotion is the BOMB!!! I love it because its gives your skin this matte natural shine free look. It helps to keep your skin from going to dry without being too heavy. 

  • Bumble and Bumple – Surf Foam Wash Shampoo & Rinse Conditioner. 

I've actually just cut my hair off so I haven't used these products recently. But when my hair was longer I used to use Bumble & Bumble all the time. It makes your hair smell so fresh and allows your hair to be clean of all impurities.  

Thank you Mankind you guys are truly a god send, now my skin can stay looking matte, healthy and moisturized all year around. Check out their limited Premium Mankind Box here.
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