Tom's Kitchen Canary Wharf Review

So a few weeks ago me and my friend Jennifer decided to review the notorious Tom's Kitchen in Canary Wharf. When Jen told me we were going here I thought, everyone I know that has ever visited Tom's Kitchen, always came back and delivered a good review about their service and food.  

I know Canary Wharf really well because I used to work for Mac cosmetics right by the underground station. So as I searched for the restaurant on Google maps, the area didn’t seem familiar to me which I  thought was strange. But after finally being directed in the right place I finally recognized where I was. Tom's Kitchen is approximately a 5-7 minute walk from Canary Wharf DLR station which is a big bonus.  

As I arrived to meet Jen I couldn’t but help but gaze around the beautiful decor and surroundings Tom's Kitchen was situated around. It's not located next to any overcrowded bars or noisy surroundings which was amazing. When I walked into Tom's Kitchen I was greeted by a lovely woman asking me if I had a reservation and asked was there anything I needed hanging up in the cloakroom. I think it’s a bonus when a lovely restaurant has a cloakroom where you just hang up your coat, instead of it dangling on the back of your chair annoying you all night LOL. 

I finally met Jen she was sitting in a cute booth/table reading the menu, I sat down and made myself comfortable. The restaurant was a little busy but it was only 7pm, so most people were just finishing work or getting ready to go out. What I loved was I could actually hear myself think, plus when me and Jen were speaking we didn’t need to shout at each other.  

The menu looked so delicious I remember my mouth literally watering just reading the descriptions of each dish. I decided to go for the Truffle Macaroni and Cheese, I swear on my life!!! It was insane!!! I'm usually on the fence when I try Macaroni and Cheese because it can either be really good or a car crash!! But when it arrived the Mac and Cheese literally melted in my mouth for the gods!! LOL 

For the main I had the Pan Fried Duck Breast with caramelized chicory and watercress puree. The presentation was 10/10 and the taste was just out of this world, The duck was just so tender and juicy. Tom's Kitchen really blew me away, the service was amazing and the location was perfect for an romantic evening or for a casual meal with friends or family. I would recommend everyone go there, plus you can't beat the views of Canary Wharf at night it's so stunning.

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