My Winter Skincare Routine!

So guys as you know it's so cold in London at the moment, my skin is going crazy because of the extreme change of weather. One day my skin can be super oily and then the next day my skin can really dry. It's annoying but I try use the best products I can to help control my skin from being really oily or being really dehydrated.  

I remember attending a La Roche-Posay blogger event last year and I used their products for a while then stopped because I had to finish the remaining products I bought within the year. So it’s a new year and I decided to give my skin a whole new fresh routine, so I pulled out my La Roche products and since then I haven't looked back. I really wanted to use these products for at least 1-3 months before giving you guys a review. 

For everyday I use the Effaclar purifying foaming gel for oily/sensitive skin which is just a simple foaming face wash, that doesn’t leave my skin feeling all tight and hard, but instead gives me the most beautiful soft clean skin ever. I just love the packaging because it's just so minimalistic  and definitely unisex. 

We all have those moments where we are getting ready and we suddenly notice a little bump on our chin or forehead and start screaming the house down. Well them days are gone babes, this product right here is the Oracle of life! The Effaclar A.I is a targeted breakout  corrector, just put a pea drop on a incoming breakout each morning/night and that spot will be gone by the next 24 hours. YASS! 

The Effaclar Duo + is also a must have for me I use this every morning, it's just amazing if you have oily blemish prone skin. I have definitely seen noticed a change in my skin's texture and appearance using this, It has made my dark pigmented areas on my face slightly lighter so I don’t have to use so much concealer every now and then. 

When I was in Bangkok last week I spotted a whole pharmacy full of La Roche so I ended up buying the Sensi White foaming cream. On the container it says for "Sensitive Asian Skin" LOL (*Something I am 100% Not) Anyways the woman at the pharmacy told me it's for anyone that has pigmentation because it's a foaming face wash that lifts pigmentation scars. My scars aren't that bad but when I take my base off I can definitely see some scars, which I got from having my laser hair removal on my face. 

While I was in Bangkok I picked up my favorite NARS eye cream. I always leave this eye cream overnight in the fridge and apply it before work In the morning and before I go to bed just to de-puff my eyes and keep them moisturized. This product is quite pricey but it's 100% worth it because it gives me that instant cooling feeling under my eye. 

One product that I had to repurchase was the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair. I first used this when I was 21 and saw no results because I wasn’t using it consistently. Now I'm 26 and my skin isn't as tight I love using this because I can really see a glow and a change in the appearance of my skin overtime. This  product is treatment so you don’t see instant results using it just one time, you at least need to use it for 3 months to see any kind of effect. 

My favorite concealer at the moment, well of all time has to be the NARS radiant creamy concealer. This concealer can be used anywhere but I just love it for the under the eyes. Its so creamy and it blends like butter under the eye to give you that radiant finish. I use the color Café 1 as an all over skin concealer but use Amande and Caramel as a highlight. This concealer is worth the investment.

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