New Balance X Grenson Collaboration Launch

So on Saturday night I attended the New Balance X Grenson Collaboration Launch in central 

London. When I heard New Balance and Grenson were doing a collaboration I almost dropped my 

phone. Both of these companies create such amazing shoes, so to think they were coming together to 

make the ultimate trainer/shoe literally blew my mind away.

The Collaboration launch had a great atmosphere, the music was pumping and the champagne was 

being topped up in each corner of the room. New Balance X Grenson created an caramel leather 

trainer with the classic New Balance shape but Grenson added the suave smart stylist edge to the 

shoe. These can be worn with any kind of outfit which I thought was amazing, they are so versatile

but pop so much with any outfit. I now just need to grab a pair for myself!!!

Thank you New Balance x Grenson for having me!

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