My Cheek Fillers Experience With Look Lovely London

It's almost the end of the year, and I thought I would share my cheek fillers blog post with you guys. So I know this looks mad because I only just posted my 3 point filler rhinoplasty post last week, but I recorded this before  I had that done. I just want to say I am 100% happy with my looks, it's just I want to enhance certain qualities on my face. So far I haven't had any work done where I've had to use any aesthetic. All the procedures I'm going through are completely non-surgical. 

I decided to visit Look Lovely London again because this isn't the 1st time I've had fillers. I actually had them done for the first time in November with Davina at her clinic. I'm going to be honest I was scared because we have all heard certain horror stories with fillers. I think when getting fillers you have to be really careful and really understand your face shape. 

When I had my 1st set of fillers done I wanted my left cheekbone to have more filler in because my right cheek bone was more pronounced than my left one. Davina advised that only 5% of us have symmetrical faces so it's quite common to have this. I was so happy when I had my 1st set done it looked totally natural and I never felt any pain or bruised at all the next day. I had this procedure done just before I went to Dubai before my birthday, after giving it some thought I decided that I wanted 1ml more of filler in my cheekbones. I knew the look I wanted in my head and I knew that the first batch just wasn’t enough, it looked amazing but it wasn't as defined as I had imagined in my head. 

So after visiting the lovely Davina for the 2nd  time it went so smoothly and perfectly. Davina advised me that we could just inject the filler into the cheekbones equally this time. As before she applied so numbing cream and a cool ice pack before she injected the filler to prevent bruising and any pain. What I love about Davina is that she knew the kind of look I wanted to go for, but she also advised me on my 1st visit just to have 1ml to just see how I felt about the change before I decided to go for anymore. 

Check out my video down below on how I go on with my 2nd visit to Look Lovely London. Don't forget to check out Look Lovely London they are 10 minute walk from St John's Wood underground station.

My Non Surgical Nose Job With Skin and Follicle

So on Monday I decided to visit the Skin and Follicle clinic on the Hagley road. Skin and Follicle are a new clinic based just outside the centre of Birmingham. The location is perfect and discreet and it’s a 10 minute cab right from Birmingham New St. Station. 

When I arrived at the clinic I met the lovely clinic manager Sumita who was just so welcoming and friendly, Sumita sat me down and was talking to me about a range of treatments they do at the clinic. At Skin and Follicle their most popular operation is a robotic hair transplant which sounds amazing and they also do non surgical treatments e.g lip fillers and peels. 

I originally wanted to get my lips re-done at the Skin and Follicle clinic but after meeting the lovely  Dr Ayad and speaking more in depth about the treatments the clinic offers. Dr Ayad mentioned a 3 point rhinoplasty which is a non-surgical rhinoplasty nose correction. I was immediately curious to try this because I have always wanted a nose job because I felt that my bridge always dropped very low. 

Dr Ayad explained that this would help lift the tip of the nose and also straighten your nose. So if you find that your nose is quite hooked or bent this procedure may not be the best for you, plastic surgery could be a better route but it's always best to see a professional. 

Dr Ayad in the video talks me through every step of the procedure, it was totally painless and I didn’t feel anything at all. I can totally notice a difference and especially when I highlight and contour my nose it just looks even more defined. I have left the video below just so you can view this procedure from behind the camera. 

I would 100% recommend this procedure, its fast and there is no down time at all. You can go to work the next day and its totally painless and the filler has anaesthetic inside so its a breeze. The procedure takes 7- 10 minutes.

Here a pictures of what my nose looked like before: 

And after: 


Thank you so much Skin and Follicle!!!

Christmas with Boohoo Man

So guys I am so excited for Christmas its unreal! Maybe its because it’s a week right after my 

birthday so they always fall on the same day. There's nothing like being at home with a cozy snuggly 

jumper with a glass of baileys on the rocks or some delicious mulled wine. 

The best thing about Christmas jumpers is that they are just so easy to wear with anything, joggers, 

a bathrobe or even some smart trousers. I always find It so hard to dress for Christmas day, so 

throwing on a cozy jumper is just the best way forward. 

When I was shopping on Boohoo Man I came across their awesome Christmas Jumper selection. 

They have such a huge variety and some of the jumpers are absolutely hilarious. Be warned not all 

of them are for the office if you know what I mean HA!! So I decided to go for this gorgeous red 

Christmas pudding jumper to get me in the Christmas spirit. 

I would love to know what Christmas jumpers you love on Boohoo man, actually I would love to 

know what jumper matches you personality perfectly. Why don't you take the quiz below to find out 

"What Christmas Jumper are you" 

When you finish the quiz tweet me or snapchat me on @ThePlasticboy to let me know what 

Christmas jumper you are :)

Glam Glow Gravity Mud Review

So I received some gorgeous face muds from Glam Glow, I have used their Youth Mud before which was just amazing. Glam Glow sells it self because you can automatically see it working once its on your skin doing its magic.  

I decided to venture out and try the famous Gravity Mud which has just now become available to purchase in the UK and online. I've watched so many reviews on the Gravity Mud so I was already buzzing to try it. The best thing about it is that once it's all over your face it has this gorgeous metallic silver tone to it, which is so unique for a face mask as their usually black or white or a stone colour. 
I was so pleased when I saw that this mud came with a brush because, mud masks can be messy and not everybody has a clean brush lying around to use on a mask. So I began layering the silver mud across my face but I noticed if you want the mask to peel off flawlessly you really need to apply a generous amount. Please remember to avoid all facial hair, as if you get a large amount into your hair it could cause it to be ripped out when taking the mask off.  

When I finished applying it to all over my face, I left it for about 30 –35 minutes and then came back to notice it had dried nicely. So it was time to peel this baby off, I started in the centre of the face and worked my way out. Everything was peeling off perfectly and as I started in the centre everything started to connect and peel off all together. 

Once the mask was off I  got some cotton pads and dipped them in warm water, just to wipe off any areas that I couldn’t peel off with my fingers. OH MY GOD!!! My skin just looked so much healthier and so much brighter. I would definitely use this before hitting the town on a night out, because my skin looked like it was baking from heaven and it was ready to eat. This mask is 100% in my favourite list now and you can also use this mask twice a week just to give your skin the best benefits of using this. 

Check my video out to see my 1st reaction and my review in depth.

The Trading House Review

So last week Friday I attended The Trading House located near Bank station. Walking into the Trading House I didn’t expect it to be so stunning, the pictures online don't do this place justice, I was greeted by the lovely staff and the general manager of the Trading house, she then showed us to our table and handed us over to our lovely waitress Magda. 

The Trading house is somewhere you could go to celebrate a birthday or be treated on  a lovely dinner date or even for some drinks after work. The crowd in there was very mixed and it was a nice blend of people who had just come out after work and other people who had just come to dine and relax.  

The menu was explained to us by Magda she was super helpful and knew her stuff on everything on the menu. She asked us what we liked and helped us pick some delicious starters. We ended up going for the Baked Camembert which was to tasty and just so unique and also the basket of wings with different dips to share between us. 

Magda also surprised us with a cocktail she thought we would like every time she returned to the table. My favorite was the Raspberry Disaronno Sour it was just my kind of cocktail, sweet with a super kick YUM! 

For the mains we trusted Magda and went for the special Pork Belly which came with bacon and pork and cheesy chips with a side of warm apple. The pork was so tender and so juicy it was so succulent it was definitely one of the best meals I've had in London. I just couldn’t get over how amazing the service was. 

I was so content after the main that I wasn’t sure I could do desert until I saw the Baked Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, I literally almost fell off my chair. My one weakness and that’s anything cookie dough. Madga literally was like "This is one of our most popular deserts ever!"  

Finally the baked chocolate chip cookie dough arrived, it was served on a hot mini pan and it just oozed of heaven. As I took the first bite I almost had a breakdown!! It was gorgeous I have never tasted a desert so light but so full of flavor. The cold scoop of ice cream that came with it was a killer combo. 

My experience at The Trading House was exquisite the service was perfect, the food was delicious and I will always recommend this restaurant to anyone that wants perfect food with 10/10 service in London. 

A big thank you to The Trading House for having me –x-

Chicago Rib Shack Soft Launch Review

So last week Thursday I attend the soft launch of the Chicago Rib shack at their new location in Aldgate East in London. Prior to this I heard such good things about their food but had never really visited any of their other restaurants around London.  

So when arriving to the launch with my friends it was a full house and the restaurant had such a buzzing vibe. You could see so much people having so much fun with a range of various dishes being allocated around the room. From Ribs to spicy chicken burgers and macaroni and cheese bites which were all so delicious. 

I really couldn’t get over how good everything tasted, the food was so fresh and everything was perfectly presented. The burgers were so addictive I just kept have one after the other LOL. My favorite were the grilled prawns because they were so soft but extremely juicy with the right amount of flavor. The Rib shack even had a Keith Lemon impersonator going around the room entertaining people. He really fooled me! I actually thought it was him until I inspected him from a closer point of view.  

I really enjoyed myself at the Chicago Rib shack the venue has a really cool color scheme and its very spacious plus they do the most divine cocktails. I only had 1 though as I was driving, so I will definitely have to take another trip down to experience more of the cocktails.  

The Rib Shack bought out the deserts before the launch ended, I'm not a really huge desert person but their deserts are out of this world. The brownie!!!!!! This brownie was the softest most lightest brownie that has ever touched my lips. It was like eating air but with a sweet warm coat of goodness. They also bought out a lemon tart cookie which was also lovely too, the deserts definitely made me leave with a big smile on my face. 

Thank you Chicago Rib Shack for inviting me down, I had a divine night and the food was just fabulous.

My fitness journey with MyProtein

So for the past few months I have been up and down on a fitness journey, being in London its so hard to just stay active and be healthy. Temptation is all around you and working 9-5 its hard to even cook the night before and to just be all prepared with food for the week.  

It was only August this year where I started to take my training seriously, I got a new personal trainer called Nick Templar who is literally amazing but the training is very intense. If you your looking for an amazing trainer based in Greenwich who will work you to you sweat blood LOL he is definitely the perfect trainer for you. 

I was always taking a mix of supplements from different brands not really noticing any difference in my body, but then one of my friends recommended me to get some protein powder of MyProtein. MyProtein is a super efficient website for fitness supplements such as Protein snacks, Gym shakers and, BCAA pills. MyProtein has everything you can think of to fitness clothes to amazing brownie protein snacks for when your on the go. 

I have been using for the past months: 

Impact Whey Protein – This protein powder has the best flavour ever but it's not too sweet so you know it's not bad for you. I love using this in between work shifts and just right after my workout. This is just a quicker way of sourcing protein to my body right after an intense workout. Its also for you if you haven't  had a bite to eat for 1-3 hours just to get something into your system. 

Almond Butter – I love this butter because I LOVE ALMONDS. This butter is so tasty and so good for you. There's nothing like a nice warm whole wheat bagel with a slap of Almond butter on, it's so smooth and great for bulking up. 

MYPRE – This stuff is amazing it's had a blend of vitamins and creatine with some caffeine to really help you wake up and be alert for any workout. It does say try 1 scoop for your 1st dose, but I normally use 2 scoops. My Pre is super strong and you can feel it immediately wake the body up and I always feel 100% focused after taking this. Remember to take it 30 minutes before your workout to get the maximum effect. 

Micellar Casein – This works like a dream honestly! How did I not know about this years ago? When we go to sleep we starve our bodies for a few hours so naturally the muscle tissue can start to break down. This protein slowly releases protein throughout your body while you sleep so it will stop you losing muscle mass plus it also helps with muscle recovery throughout the night. 

You guys should definitely check out MyProtein for all your fitness supplements and workout gear.

Mankind Grooming Box Summer Edit Edition Review

So Mankind have done it again with another fabulous Grooming box but this time it’s the summer edition. I feel like Mankind always make the most essential grooming boxes, because everything inside is a MUST!!! If your someone who always loves to try different products before you buy something than this grooming box is perfect for you.  

The grooming boxes also make perfect gifts, I think the surprise element behind these boxes are great because it has such a varied range of products that will get you through the summer season looking polished and cute.  

Mankind offer this gorgeous box with £100 worth of products just for the sliced fee of £25 with free shipping of course. You actually can't go wrong with this box and it's everyman's necessity. 

The Mankind grooming box contains: 

Men-U Shampoo  
Men-U Conditioner  
Jack Black Mint Lip Balm  
Hanz de Fuko Gravity Paste 
Mr Natty Shipwrecked Shower Wash  
Imedeen Man Age Tablets 
 Levi’s Socks  

I do love that this box came with some Levi socks as I always lose my socks, so this box came with 2 pairs which was amazing. I actually carry the Jack Black mint lip balm around with me everywhere, it smells amazing and it keeps my lips so smooth. 

The Imedeen man age tablets really intrigued me, I'm a huge fan of taking supplements to help the skins appearance, I've seen these tablets before and know they are the price of this box alone so the value of this grooming box is the best on the market.

Also something that I have wanted for ages is the FOREO Luna Mini 2. This device is meant to take your skin to another level but then transform it for the gods LOL 

It also has silicone bristles which makes it super hygienic and resists against bacteria. You only need to charge it for a short amount of time which is always good. I'm going to do a video review on this product while I'm holiday next week for my Youtube. 
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