Fashion Eyewear Collaboration

So guys its almost 2016! so why not end it with a bang right! so a few weeks ago I met up with the 

beautiful  Sasha from Fashion Eyewear to work on our collaboration. Fashion Eyewear makes me 

want to get every single frame from their website, for each episode of my day. 

Fashion Eyewear stock every brand of designer sunglasses you can think of, from Chanel to Céline. 

Seriously choosing a frame literally gave me high blood pressure.

 I had my eye on these Céline sunglasses for a while which I knew they stocked but I looked around 

their different variates of shades they had to offer. I did love these gorgeous studded Valentino 

sunglasses they stocked but they weren't fully black. Then I  tried on my baby's, they fitted so well 

and just added that instant glamour effect.

These are the Céline CL41097/S, they are stunning and the black and gold had me sold before I even 

tried them on. They instantly add they pop of glamour and edge to every look. Remember sunglasses 

can be worn anytime but I love them even more in Winter.

These shades have been the new love of my life, so much that I turned them into glasses so I can 

wear them everyday and all day. I really might purchase a new pair in a different colour,  just so I 

have one pair  for reading and the other for when I go out day to day. Even Blac Chyna and

Ty Dollar $ have got a pair.

Check out my video here of the my gorgeous Céline's in the flesh!!!

Don't forget to check out Fashion Eyewear Here and the link to my glasses HERE!!!

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Vanessa Danso said...

love the eyewear!so glam!

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