Back For Some Sun!

So guys I haven't blogged for a while. To be honest so much has been going on and i've been

concentrating more on my Youtube game than blogging. But I love blogging so much its more

relaxing than recording a video then having to put time aside to edit a video. So at the moment I'm in

my second home Dubai, the weather is so stunning and this weekend its the Grand Prix so it should

be a good week. I'm here for 2 weeks and actually landed last Thursday, so I've still got some time

before I go home.

While I've been here I have just been chilling and taking in the sun before I go back home to the

North Pole aka London. HA! When I left London it wasn't even that cold but over the past few days

the temperature has been dropping like nobody's business. So a few days ago I visited the beautiful

resort Bab Al Shams, its the most beautiful resort in Dubai I've ever been too. They should call it

relaxation in the desert. Because Bab Al Shams just makes all the problems go away once you step

you're foot through their doors its actually insane how calm you feel.

I decided to take a few pictures as I've never really shared how stunning it is on photo other than

when I do a Vlog. If you guys ever come to Dubai make sure you visit Bab Al Shams because its

seriously  stunning.

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