H&M Beauty Launch Party

So a few weeks ago I got to  attend the H&M beauty launch at the Truman Brewery where they have a pop up beauty store for 5 weeks open to the public. To be fair I never knew H&M even did beauty until my friend told me a while ago. I was pleasantly surprised on how amazing the quality of eye shadows and lipsticks were. The launch was so cute, they had a cool DJ with mixes on deck and the cocktails were on flow with some cute canapés.

The H&M beauty range is super affordable they do a selection of foundation shades for each skin tone and they even do a radiant concealer pen and beauty balm. I think H&M beauty will do so well because its affordable and the packaging is super cute, you can’t go wrong with white and gold. The packaging reminds me Christmas and the pigment in the blushers and lipsticks are a dream to blend on the skin.

I want to try their foundation and give you guys a full review of how it wears and what the coverage is like. I will definitely be adding more bits from the H&M beauty line to my makeup kit.

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