Paris Part 2 + Mon Hotel Review

So it was mine and Jennifer’s last night in Paris, so far Paris had been perfect, like the weather had been perfect for the past few days until it started to rain really badly in the night. Other than that Paris was giving me everything I needed. Before we checked into a new hotel we decided to check out Champs-Élysées, which was basically were the biggest Louis Vuitton in the world was. You know the one where Mariah Carey filmed her music video. The LV store was gorgeous I’ve literally never ever seen a line to get into Louis Vuitton ever, it was huge but I don’t think I would have the patience to wait 1 hour to get into store.

Mon Hotel Review
Finally we arrived at the chic boutique Mon Hotel. I couldn’t believe how close it is to everything its so central. Its located right next to the famous Arc de Triomphe which is one of the most famous monuments in Paris. When we arrived at Mon Hotel we were instantly greeted by reception who were so lovely, they sat us down and went to through the paper work to get us checked in properly. 

Mon Hotel was just so stunning, the decoration and the whole ambiance was just very classy. Even the guests were super friendly, when we arrived a hotel guest outside asked me “If I needed any help carrying my bags in?” I was thinking no one would ever ask you that in London, unless they worked at the hotel. We then were shown to the lifts and taken up to our rooms, we were on the 4th floor and we each had our own room, which was nice. When I entered my room I couldn’t believe how big and luxurious it was. It has a huge bed that looked so soft and dreamy. The room also had its own cute little balcony which I could shout Jen if I needed her as she was only next door. The view from the balcony was insane, it felt very Parisan I could just imagine me on the balcony, having a super hot coffee in a cute fur coat LOL! Céline the hotel sales manager left me such a cute note with some delicious Mon Hotel biscuits. They were so nice I literally finished them in under 10 minutes ha! The hotel was so beautiful they also had free WIFI and a gym down stairs which we checked out but we were so drained to workout.

Miss KO Review
After settling in the room and unpacking we got ready to hit the town and got ready for the beautiful Asian fusion restaurant called Miss KO. Miss KO wasn’t far from our hotel at all, literally one stop on the subway, Miss KO reminded me a lot of Nobu it had this fun hip hop vibe. The crowd there was very trendy but what I liked that anyone and everyone was there. Different varieties of people, different ages so it gave the restaurant more character. The DJ in Miss KO was playing the best tunes ever! From old school R&B to the hottest Hip Hop.

The only thing that I didn’t like that was when we were sat down, the tables were so close to another couple that we could literally hear their conversation. But Miss KO was fantastic, we ordered a sushi platter to share with some miso soup which literally made my taste buds do backflips. 

We were going to hit up some clubs but realised that our flight was at 6am so we decided to go back to the hotel early but then we remembered we hadn’t visited the Eiffel Tower, so we got the subway there quickly and arrived to see the beautiful tower. I actually forgot how far of a walk it was from the station, my legs were actually killing me. There were so many tourists it was insane, it was like a Beyoncé concert just finished.

We then headed back to the hotel finally, I needed to pack and get my things straight before the flight. Plus I wanted to have a little nap in the king size bed in the hotel because it looked so damn soft. We got back to the hotel and looked around some more, I couldn’t believe that the hotel was so eccentric, their curtains were made out of white latex which I thought was cool and they had this really cool lamp which you will see in the picture below

After finally getting back to our rooms it was almost time to go, so we checked out around 4am to get to our airport on time. I just want to say a huge thank you to the Mon Hotel team. Jen and me had the most beautiful stay there and you’re staff were so friendly and brilliant. I will definitely be staying there again and recommending it to all my friends that visit Paris –x-

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