Onken Greek Style Yogurt Launch

So last week I attend the fabulous launch of the new Onken Greek Style yogurt, they had some delicious new fruity flavours which left you’re taste buds wanting more. I am such a yogurt fan, so when I heard Onken were launching more flavours I knew I had to attend. The event was located on Greek Street in Soho. So it was really central and easy to get to, which is always a bonus. When I walked in I couldn’t believe how beautiful the setting was! It was like I had been transported to a Greek garden in Athens, the trees looked sensational and there were these amazing body painted Greek gods standing there like statues displaying the yogurts which I thought was super cool.

Everyone really seemed to be enjoying the yogurt and the event was buzzing. The bar was making the most amazing cocktails to go with each flavour of the new Onken yogurt, which I thought went down really well. I remember trying the brandy with apple & cinnamon that was strong but tasted amazing LOL but it was paired beautifully with the apple and cinnamon yogurt that had to be my favourite.

When I walked into the next room there was a huge Greek god like 6ft. His name was Dairyus I made sure to get a picture with him LOL! If you search his hashtag you can see where he has been all over the UK.
The waiters were bringing out the most sensational canapés ever! There was this lamb one that literally kept calling me ever time it was bought out LOL!

I couldn’t get over the yogurt sculptures that had been mad to look like all the X-Factor judges I thought it was amazing! I just didn’t get how someone could recreate one of the X-Factor judges so perfectly with yogurt.

 I had so much fun at the Onken event all the yogurt was too tasty for words. Thank you guys for the 3 Monkeys team for inviting me down! You guys literally have the best events ever!


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