My Mykonos Adventure at the Mykonos Theoxenia Hotel!

Guys so this weekend I recently did another trip alone LOL. To the beautiful island of Mykonos, I was so excited to visit to exotic island. I just love visiting places I've never been before its just way more exciting. I caught an 8am early flight with Easy Jet from Gatwick airport so I didn't waste a day by getting a late flight traveling to Mykonos. When I arrived at JMK the local Mykonos airport I was picked up by my super sweet driver from the amazing Theoxenia Hotel. I swear on my life I have never received such good service from a hotel in my life. The driver made me feel so welcome and started my journey off in Mykonos in his wonderful taxi to the hotel. When we arrived at the hotel from  traveling right into the centre of the city, next to the famous windmills. I couldn't believe the views. My hotel was right next to the sea, I seriously have never seen water so blue, so clear and crystal like.

When I arrived at Reception they greeted me with the most delicious welcome cocktail,  while I waited for my room. The lady at reception was a darling! she told me everything to do and she said "What happens in Mykonos, stays in Mykonos" I took a mini tour around the hotel while they prepared my room. I walked outside and almost died because of the heat, My outfit for the day was definitely not the cutest for the weather. The pool area of the hotel looked like something from a movie, it was just perfect. My room was finally ready YAY! When I entered my room I was so shocked, it was so huge! it had a beautiful balcony with a beautiful large bed, with a separate bathroom which was everything! I was luckily enough to have a large bath tub and a power shower. The hotel gave me a complimentary bottle of red wine with my stay which I enjoyed tastefully on my last night. The Mykonos Theoxenia also give you 50% off your first cocktail from the bar, when you stay with them which I thought was a lovely touch.

On my first day there I just chilled by the pool and had a club sandwich, I've made the mistake before of doing too much on the first day and just being shattered. In the night I went into the town which is a 5minute walking distance from the Mykonos Theoxenia.  Don't forget to go by the famous wind mills which is literally outside. The hotel was literally in the best location ever. The centre of Mykonos is so surreal because everything is so beautifully white and pure, it just looks like a dream. I noticed most of the shops are open till late at night and you can find anything from Louis Vuitton & D-squared and they also have lovely markets and local shops. I went to a few of the gay bars Jackie - O is the most popular one, which is just a 5 minute walk from the hotel also. Jackie - O doesn't get busy until about 11pm I obviously got there at 9pm and it was super dead but the next day I went at a much later time and it was super good.

Breakfast was also included in my beautiful stay with the hotel. I didn't realise the breakfast was a buffet though! When I seen this I literally did a cartwheel all the way to the eggs and bacon HA!

I've noticed in Mykonos everybody is super friendly but I think because not many black people are around, its like a shock for them to see one but I didn't experience any bad situations I feel like people just don't seem many black people in Mykonos LOL.

The holiday was just so much fun, I did some thing I thought I would never ever do. I rented a quad and drove 40 minutes to the beach which the Mykonos Theoxenia organised for me. Quads aren't that expensive to be honest, I went for the slowest speed and it cost me 45 euro which is about 30 pounds I think. All insurance is included and you give it back the same time you got given the quad. I will never rent one again though! It was honestly the most scariest thing I have ever done in my life. Everyone in Mykonos drives at different speeds and on the other side of the road, so it was just too confusing for me. I almost had heart failure, But I had the best welcome experience by the lovely Hotel Theoxenia its really hard to write about how lovely they were so just watch my Youtube video to see how beautiful the hotel was. I 100% would recommend anyone to stay there. i stayed there for 2 days then moved onto another hotel but when I moved into my other hotel, It just made me miss the service and central location of the Mykonos Theoxenia. Anyways don't forget to watch my video and check the hotel out here!

Thank you -x-

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