Sandton Brussels Centre Hotel Review

So guys when I recently went to Brussels I decided to stay at the fabulous Sandton Brussels Centre hotel located in the heart of Brussels. The hotel was located so closely to beautiful restaurants and exciting nightlife. When I arrived  the hotel, they made sure my room was ready an hour early and were super friendly and accommodating.

The hotel seemed pretty huge, downstairs had a huge seating area were you could chill and have snacks and lounge at the bar. Plus the Sandton offered free wifi which is always a bonus, instead of paying £9 a night at some hotels. 

My room was gorgeous it was so big for just me and the air conditiong was perfect for the heatwave Brussels had while I was there. The one thing that won me over was the bathroom. As with anywhere I go, the lighting in the bathroom has the be on point at all times. The mirror was huge plus it didn't steam up once you had a shower. isn't it annoying when you have a shower and have to wait 10 minutes for the mirror become less steamy.

I didn't watch much tv but I know their was loads of channels plus the hotel always made sure I had 2 bottles of fresh cold water to keep hydrated which was cute. Whenever I would leave the hotel always left a little cute card on my bed to tell me who serviced my room. How sweet is that!!!

I would 100% stay here again, I never had any problems staying here and the area is 100% safe to adventure around. I never caught one taxi to get to any of the destinations I needed to get to.

Thank you Sandton Brussels!

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