Jacob’s Snacktail Bar

So I recently went to the Jacobs Snacktail pop up bar in Greek Street Soho. It was super crazy to get to. There had to be a tube strike on the day I needed to get somewhere *Bites Tongue* Luckily the lovely team at Jacobs's sent me a cab to drop me to the event which was super sweet. It normally takes me 26 minutes to get into central London but this journey took me 1hour 35minutes. JOKE!!!

Anyways I arrived at the event just after 6.30 to be warmly greeted by the team at Jacobs, they gave me 3 wrist bands which allowed me to sample each special cocktail on each floor. I've eaten Jacobs crackers since I was 6 years old so it was quite interesting to see this cocktail and snack combo would workout. So I got to the first floor and I tried the Plum Spring Roll snacktail which came with the new Jacobs crackers crisps. I couldn't believe it! The taste was insane, imagine an actual party in you're mouth! I'm not sure if it was the alcohol mixing with the crisps but it was like a deadly perfect combo! 

I then went upstairs where I got to try the amazing Fish and Chips snacktail this was INSANE!!! it had to be my favourite one, I loved the true taste, I tasted every bit of this fish and chips snack tail in my mouth. Its actually hard to explain because you had to smell and taste the cocktail to actually feel the vibe. It reminded me of when you go to a restaurant and when you have desert their is always a wine recommended for the desert which go together perfectly. Jacobs literally did this combo but for the new crisps! its literally GENIUS!!!

I had the best time ever and met some really wonderful people! Thank you so much to the team at 3 Monkeys / Jacobs team for sending me some of these addictive snacks. Literally on the weekend I tried to remake the cocktails I had at the event but failed, ill succeed next time LOL.


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