Birra Moretti Gran Tour

So last Thursday I got invited to the Birra Moretti Gran Tour preview evening in Mare St Hackney. The Tour bought together the UK's finest Italian Street Food vendors under one roof. It was totally amazing, I do love Italian food but never really tried too much of it, as i've never had the time to really explore their delicious food. There were traditional dishes from Italian regions including Campania, Lombardia and Silica. I really didn't know what to expect. But as soon as we got there, the smell of beautiful Italian food was so inviting, I just wanted to try everything and anything.

There was unlimited beer and soft drinks which was super cool. I'm not a huge beer drinker but I had a lovely soft drink instead. The food was Insane, the first vendor we stopped of at was Arancina Pizza. No lie! When this pizza actually touched my mouth I couldn't believe how good it was, so soft, so cheesy but so fresh. I was literally having a food spasm, HA!!! Definitely a winning contender in my food chart. I then went on to try some pasta from Pasta & Basta which was so tasty, I've never tried such good Italian food ever. I actually didn't want to leave, there was just so much choice and everybody in the room was loving it. The idea of this food fair was amazing because it really shined a new light for me on how beautiful Italian food can be.

Check out some of the other delicious food I tried, I had such a good time, the vibes and energy were amazing that night. Thanks Cow PR for inviting me down.


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