Cheap50s Collaboration

Hey guys so I was approached by the super cool streetwear brand Cheap50s to collaborate with them. 

As soon as I seen their website I literally fell in love. I loved the whole vibe it was giving me. The 

jumpers were minimalistic but with a edgy design. So they sent me over 2 jumpers which I picked out 

from the website which I loved the most. I went for the Jaws black jumper and the Cheap 50s black 

jumper. They arrived super quick in a chic black monogramed box. So I did a shoot last weekend to 

show these beautiful jumpers off. Honestly you can wear them pretty much with anything. Shorts, 

jeans etc,  They are really smart but street and also fit like a dream, I love their whole collection. So if 

you're looking for a cool streetwear brand with the most comfortable fit check out Cheap50's here.

 Jumper : Cheap 50s Jaw Tee
Shorts: Phillip Lim 3.1
Fedora : Lock & Co

 Jumper: Cheap 50's 
Shoes : Slydes
Shorts: 3.1 Phillip Lim
Fedora: Lock & Co

Keep It Cute, Cute it Lim!!!

So I recently did a shoot for my blog and I did a range of different outfits. I've been trying to change my style up and wear more colour and different prints, Rather than just black. I always wear black but in the summer it can be totally boring. I went around West London exploring the beautiful town houses of Maida Vale with my gorgeous photographer Toya. 

Shoes: Prada
Hat: Lock& Co
Bangle: Balenciaga
Photographer: Toya Berry

Birra Moretti Gran Tour

So last Thursday I got invited to the Birra Moretti Gran Tour preview evening in Mare St Hackney. The Tour bought together the UK's finest Italian Street Food vendors under one roof. It was totally amazing, I do love Italian food but never really tried too much of it, as i've never had the time to really explore their delicious food. There were traditional dishes from Italian regions including Campania, Lombardia and Silica. I really didn't know what to expect. But as soon as we got there, the smell of beautiful Italian food was so inviting, I just wanted to try everything and anything.

There was unlimited beer and soft drinks which was super cool. I'm not a huge beer drinker but I had a lovely soft drink instead. The food was Insane, the first vendor we stopped of at was Arancina Pizza. No lie! When this pizza actually touched my mouth I couldn't believe how good it was, so soft, so cheesy but so fresh. I was literally having a food spasm, HA!!! Definitely a winning contender in my food chart. I then went on to try some pasta from Pasta & Basta which was so tasty, I've never tried such good Italian food ever. I actually didn't want to leave, there was just so much choice and everybody in the room was loving it. The idea of this food fair was amazing because it really shined a new light for me on how beautiful Italian food can be.

Check out some of the other delicious food I tried, I had such a good time, the vibes and energy were amazing that night. Thanks Cow PR for inviting me down.


Jacob’s Snacktail Bar

So I recently went to the Jacobs Snacktail pop up bar in Greek Street Soho. It was super crazy to get to. There had to be a tube strike on the day I needed to get somewhere *Bites Tongue* Luckily the lovely team at Jacobs's sent me a cab to drop me to the event which was super sweet. It normally takes me 26 minutes to get into central London but this journey took me 1hour 35minutes. JOKE!!!

Anyways I arrived at the event just after 6.30 to be warmly greeted by the team at Jacobs, they gave me 3 wrist bands which allowed me to sample each special cocktail on each floor. I've eaten Jacobs crackers since I was 6 years old so it was quite interesting to see this cocktail and snack combo would workout. So I got to the first floor and I tried the Plum Spring Roll snacktail which came with the new Jacobs crackers crisps. I couldn't believe it! The taste was insane, imagine an actual party in you're mouth! I'm not sure if it was the alcohol mixing with the crisps but it was like a deadly perfect combo! 

I then went upstairs where I got to try the amazing Fish and Chips snacktail this was INSANE!!! it had to be my favourite one, I loved the true taste, I tasted every bit of this fish and chips snack tail in my mouth. Its actually hard to explain because you had to smell and taste the cocktail to actually feel the vibe. It reminded me of when you go to a restaurant and when you have desert their is always a wine recommended for the desert which go together perfectly. Jacobs literally did this combo but for the new crisps! its literally GENIUS!!!

I had the best time ever and met some really wonderful people! Thank you so much to the team at 3 Monkeys / Jacobs team for sending me some of these addictive snacks. Literally on the weekend I tried to remake the cocktails I had at the event but failed, ill succeed next time LOL.

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