My Brussels Adventure

So I’ve always wanted to go traveling but have always wondered do I go alone or with someone? I’m a person that sometimes enjoys my own company. It’s just easier as you don’t have to wait for nobody and you can just do what you’re doing. The other night I decided to book a random trip somewhere in Europe alone. LOL scary!! I know! But I feel like sometimes you have to throw yourself in the deep end to know what its like. I decided on Brussels as it wasn’t to far away from London and it seemed a super cute city. I booked my flights with British Airways with my air miles and decided to begin my adventure.

The Friday morning I got my Uber to Heathrow, which nearly made me late because I left so foolishly overtime. But hey! I made it, I caught my flight and landed in Brussels, so I wore a 2 piece tracksuit by Ada and Nik which was comfy for flying in but damn was it burning up as I got off the plane. My face looked like I had been slapped in the river Thames. I got my taxi to my hotel, which was the Sandton Brussels Centre. It’s such a cute hotel which is located in the city of Brussels, you can literally walk to any central destination in 20minutes or less. If you know me! I never walk ever! I literally walked 20minutes to get food and that’s shocking for me HA! When I first set out from my hotel to explore Brussels everybody one so friendly, if I looked confused someone would ask me if I needed help. Brussels was giving me a cool Berlin/Paris vibe. 

Traveling alone I thought I wouldn’t be able to handle it because I normally enjoy my friends company. But seriously this trip has made me grow as a person and made me think I can survive by myself, I can put myself into certain situations and make friends. Believe me in London its just not possible to do what I have done in Brussels because I feel everyone doesn’t want to be as open as how people are in Brussels. But anyways check out my photos from my first day and check my VLOG.

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Jonathan Zegbe said...

Cool post! :-) i loove brussels , i often go there to party. I live 30minutes from brussels.
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Greets Jon

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