LCM Day 2: Chester Barrie Presentation x Candid Magazine Grooming Lounge

So after partyingso hard the night before it was a new day! I was so hungover so really wasn't in the mood to walk around. I met up with my friend Sophie and we headed to the Chester Barrie Presentation at the Ivy. It was super glamorous I totally wasn't dressed for the occasion but I was very comfortable anyway so that helped. Chester Barrie had some gorgeous tailored suits with a modern edge to give them their own identity.

After the Ivy we popped down to the Candid Grooming lounge at the Century Club by Soho. It was super cute! They were giving out coffee and cute little treats of Ice Cream plus you could also get your nails done and hair touched up if you needed to. There was also a DJ playing live tunes to heat up the room with Hoxton Radio!

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