Brussels Weekend Adventure

My trip to Brussels had to be the biggest eye opener for me. I spent 3 amazing days in Brussels getting to know the city day by day. The weird thing is  I put my self out of my comfort zone. A year ago I would have never just booked a weekend break alone to explore a city, I would have needed somebody with me just to keep sane. This trip defiantly made me more comfortable with my own company LOL. I would defiantly go back to Brussels again but I would suggest staying if you're alone for 3/4 days but there is just so much to do. I was quite upset I didn't get to see the Belgium fashion exhibition but just my luck it was on Tuesday to Sunday.

Brussels is a mixture of London x Birmingham. Brussels has the huge tourist attractions with the fast paced city life but blends smoothly were I feel everybody is so friendly, you could honestly have been on a street corner looking lost and somebody will ask if you're ok. When booking this trip I didn't really make a list of things to do but I knew where the big attractions were. I basically enjoyed each day as it came, the weather was super beautiful and the vibes were glorious. I haven't enjoyed spending that much time by myself for ages. It was great to escape London to just chill and learn the different cultures of another city.

The architecture in Brussels is ridiculous like how can somebody even construct a building that looks so gothic but so beautiful at the same time. While on my weekend adventure I gained so much new knowledge on Brussels. I never knew The Smurfs were created in Brussels but loads of other Cartoons. While I did my tour bus trip the commentator said that Brussels was “The home of the 9th art cartoon” which was fabulous. Brussels had a huge art vibe, from the street down to the canals were decorated with street art that had a strong message or it was just super pretty to look at.

The shopping in Brussels reminded me of London it had a huge centre strip full of the popular shops like Zara, Primark (Which I may add you had to queue for because it  was new so, people were very excited about Primark LOL) I did try to find the street wear and vintage shops of Brussels. There are quite a few but spread all over the city. I found an area, which had a collection of independent boutiques that stocked 3.1 Phillip Lim to Acne Studios. The shop was called Hunting and Collecting. They were super friendly and told me were to go to find some cute vintage stores. I ended up leaving the store then coming back to purchase this cute Pigalle black jumper.

 I then branched out and found a really cool shop that was like a collective store that stocked different designers clothing and home ware from Amsterdam to Stockholm. The store was insane because it was a hotel/boutique but had a cool vintage vibe about it.

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