Brussels Day 3

 In Brussels I felt so safe like I would sometimes forget to zip my bag up and not care but I also felt that everyone was really laid back. People would just let you do you're own thing. Brussels is very gay friendly I actually saw more gays then I thought I would and everyone says good morning which is cute. I would defiantly come back here as this has made me want book many more weekend breaks away to lead up to my huge world travels alone maybe hehe.

When I was searching on Instagram, I came across an account which showed the coolest places to eat in Brussels, One of them was Little Tokyo located just in the heart of the city, I remember getting ready in the evening super excited to try some Asian food yum! Walking to the restaurant I noticed the area became very urban which was cool though reminded me of my hometown Handsworth in Birmingham.

After following my Google Maps for 20 minutes I found Little Tokyo, it was so cute right on the corner of a little street. It wasn’t how I expected, everyone was very laid back and it wasn’t mad expensive or fancy at all. When I looked on Instagram it gave me that kind of Ping Pong Soho vibe. Anyways Little Tokyo was super tasty but it did take a while for me to put in my order as it was so busy, but the food was delicious and the waiters were very welcoming.  Little Tokyo was dimly lit and had soft relaxing music playing softly in the background.

I had the gyoza chicken filled dumplings with grilled lamb with soya sauce & rice

After food I took a stroll into the beautiful night of Brussels, I didn’t fancy going out so I had an early night and got ready for my bus tour ride in the morning! It was so much fun I got to see the hottest attractions around Brussels including the Atomium which I’ve heard so much about as it was designed for the Brussels 1958 world fair. Driving up to it on the bus I can’t explain how beautiful it is. Its so shiny and huge, it looked like a roller-coaster or something lol.

After doing the bus tour and meeting some lovely tourists behind me just as excited as I was. I decided to get off and explore the shops just in the city next to my hotel. I popped in Eleven Paris and Marc by Marc Jacobs as most stores were in sale.



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