Dealing with negative people!

Negativity effects everybody at some point in their life its not pretty. I got a question off a viewer from my YouTube channel asking “Gary you seem to have a different look, Do you experience any negativity online or in real life?” I thought this was such a cool question because nobody really asks me that to be fair. I experience some negativity & bullshit from small minded people time to time. Ok I’m a black male and wear a full face of makeup with relaxed grey hair!! LOOL! Everybody isn’t going to like my flavor! People just don’t expect black boys to be like this first of all.

When I get anything negative its always actually from idiots tagging their friends in my Instagram photos or nasty comments on Youtube. I hardly get people saying anything to my face or verbally abusing me. As when I am out and about I just got about my business and I really don’t pay attention to what anybody else is doing.  Before when someone would say something horrible about me on Instagram I would get so upset it would really get me down. It made me want to tone down my look or even just try to be like the standard man of today.

It’s weird how comments on social media  can really affect somebody when you don’t even know them. I remember receiving comments of these roadman guys on Instagram proper going in on me, calling me all names under the sun. it was actually the worst yet, I thought to myself if I carry on making these comments destroy me I’m literally going to kill myself. It’s so unhealthy to take on board what anyone says, you have to really laugh about it and take everything with a pinch of salt. You have to remember when you put you’re self on any kind of social media people are going to have an opinion of you boo. Look at Kim Kardashian! Do you think she has time to read what pathetic idiots say on Instagram? NOPE!!!

These fools are behind their broke down phones hating on you! Because they are shocked when they see someone confident living their life in a different way to how they are. When I get negative comments now all I do is I smile at it and simply press BLOCK with a HAIR FLIP!!!! Negativity and bad energy will only bring it down if you let it. I only learnt this a while ago. I used to sometimes make these idiots get me down and feel bad for just being me. But anyways watch my video where I explain in more detail. NEVER LET A FOOL OR IDIOT BRING YOU DOWN!!! LOVE YOU AND ALWAYS YOU

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