"A Pop Of Orange"

So guys I thought I would finally share a shoot I did for my blog literally last week when I came back from Dubai. I hooked up with the amazing photographer L’Rye and we shoot some outfits I put together. We all know Adidas is popping but soon as these supercolour's dropped I was contemplating on which colour I should get. To be honest I’m not really a fan of bright trainers, as I don’t think I would get much wears out of them. Anyways while I was in Dubai they just seemed to be everywhere, so I thought let me just go in the Adidas store and try some on. They are literally the most comfortable shoes ever! I decided to get the orange as you know orange pops on deeper skin tones BLOOP.

While I was in Adidas I thought let me cop a cute tracksuit to wear these with. I’m also not a tracksuit person but damn! Adidas won my heart over that evening. I’ve never ever felt so comfortable in my life the tracksuit was totally cozy and looked major cute with my new trainers. What attracted me to this tracksuit was it had super cute bears on it and it was the perfect colour. You can wear this tracksuit in the daytime or at night to go out I pinned the bottoms by ankle just to get it a more tapered effect.

What I love about the super colour trainers is that you can wear them with joggers, leather pants, jeans anything they are so versatile. I am actually upset I didn’t get the pale grey colour but hopefully I’ll get my hands on them. I will be posting more outfits of me in my new orange babies through this month to show you how to wear them differently.

Tracksuit by Adidas  
Supercolour trainers by Adidas
Hat by Adidas
 Snapped By L'Rye

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Jen said...

currently obsessed with everything Adi - so this look <3

Jen x

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