"A Hint Of Denim"

I remember how hot it was this day it was actually crazy. Because I wear black for work I always find it weird wearing colour. I don’t feel quite comfortable! It’s so weird I guess 2 years just wearing black ever day can mold you’re mind to thinking black everyday and every weekend is just necessary. I think sometimes if you cant break away from black wear one piece that can help lift the outfit from just being one tone. I love jackets something light never to heavy because I hate the feeling of having a heavy jacket especially during summer. 

I found my favorite Acne denim jacket, which I got last year, it fits like a dream literally. Its so hard to find a cute wash denim jacket that doesn’t smell like a car boot sale from a vintage store. I love the way it just makes the outfit very cool and casual but still with a hint of street glamour.

Jacket: Acne Studios
Leather Pants: Zara
Hat: Adidas
Shirt: COS
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
                                           Photographer :  L'Rye

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