"A Hint Of Denim"

I remember how hot it was this day it was actually crazy. Because I wear black for work I always find it weird wearing colour. I don’t feel quite comfortable! It’s so weird I guess 2 years just wearing black ever day can mold you’re mind to thinking black everyday and every weekend is just necessary. I think sometimes if you cant break away from black wear one piece that can help lift the outfit from just being one tone. I love jackets something light never to heavy because I hate the feeling of having a heavy jacket especially during summer. 

I found my favorite Acne denim jacket, which I got last year, it fits like a dream literally. Its so hard to find a cute wash denim jacket that doesn’t smell like a car boot sale from a vintage store. I love the way it just makes the outfit very cool and casual but still with a hint of street glamour.

Jacket: Acne Studios
Leather Pants: Zara
Hat: Adidas
Shirt: COS
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
                                           Photographer :  L'Rye

Gucci Beauty Collection Review

Guys you know I have been dying to try out the Gucci Beauty range since it was first released. I never really got the chance to pop into the Gucci boutique on New Bond Street to check it out. So when I was in Dubai SURPRISE!!! They had it in Sephora, I almost fainted LOL! My knees were weak. I had to soak in the collection to see what really caught my eye so I could get something special. All I could see was embossed Gucci  gold and black packaging, which is right up my street baby!  The sales assistant was very helpful and talked me through the collection, I asked her “Did Gucci do any matte lipsticks?” she said they do but they aren’t super matte there more of a satin finish, which when I tested them I totally agreed. I got my hands on the colour “Rose Dragéé” which is like a cool nude satin pink, it’s a cute colour it’s a very natural lip color something you would wear to a wedding.

I didn’t pick up much from the collection except for a cute satin lipstick that kind of looks like a lighter taupe/spirit from MAC and I got a bronzer/highlighter called ‘Indian Sand’ which looked darker in the shop so when I got home it was very light but I could still use it as a highlighter though. I also picked up a highlighting concealer quite similar to the YSL touché éclat, which was called “Gucci Face Luminous Perfecting Concealer” which is a mouthful LOL! To be honest there concealer shades were shocking the darkest they did was “060” which was more like a MAC nc45 maybe even a bit darker. So I got it anyways because I could always use it as a highlight right! Its shocking Gucci could bring out a beauty line in this day and age and not have deeper shades? Maybe there is more to come who knows boo?

Anyways check out my video on what I got from this sexual collection!

Summertime Madness

Sometimes we all have to switch it up for summer, I find it really hard to stop wearing black only because I have to wear it everyday. Black is just a colour you can throw on and it will go with anything literally. I tried to break out of this habit and throw on a nice silky tartan shirt from Sandro. I got this when I was in Dubai in the Mall Of Emirates. Sandro always has that minimalistic trend to the T. It was literally was first purchase from Sandro and I was super happy with it. Its so lightweight plus I can use it to wrap around my waist if I get to hot LOL.

Strutting around the streets of west London in St. Christopher’s place rocking my Rick Owens, which haven’t stepped out my bedroom until this day. I love these sneakers so much, They are that POW shoe that I love. I feel like these boots are a comparison to marmite some people love them others hate them. But I just love the chunkiness and the black and white tones for a neutral look. Before you ask YES THEY ARE SUPER COMFY J pairing them with my beautiful black Blood Brother shorts which have been with me everywhere. I remember buying these years ago and still the quality has been 100%, I really want to try their neoprene shorts but Blood Brother has always been one of my favorite brands.

Summer is just about throwing whatever on and I feel with this outfit that I could just throw this on without dying in the heat. Its a fast summer chic outfit. Plus what would summer be with out shades I’m so happy I got these babies in Dubai also because apparently they are sold out everywhere in Europe I think you can only get them at Harvey Nichols. They are my babies the Celine two toned wayfarer styled frame. I just loved the pop of pink on the side frame its just totally cute.

What are you guys wearing for summer?


High top Sneakers - Rick Owens
Shorts - Blood Brother
Shirt - Sando
Shades : Cèline
 Snapped By L'Rye

Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Palette Review "Deep"

So guys we know contouring is the most used term in makeup ever!!! All thanks to the Kardashians. I have used so many contouring products its actually insane! You can use so many things to contour:
1.    Gel’s
2.    Concealer
3.    Powder
4.    Foundation
So many options on the market which is amazing, but for deeper skin tones I always find contouring products can be way to warm or just way to light. There is no in between. So after looking on YouTube & on Instagram to find everyone was hyping the Anastasia Beverly Hills cream contour palette. I remember as soon as they were online they sold out immediately. So I purchased one a few weeks ago when I was in Dubai and it came so quickly just in time for when I got back. The only thing that annoyed me was I had to pay a £25 custom charge. ARE YOU MAD!!! I spent $110 on this palette and purchased some contour powders. GIVE ME A BREAK LOL!!! Anyways it came all neatly packaged I was just so excited to use it.

So I used it before work one morning I woke up super early and got ready and I used my fingers to warm up the contour colours because they are actually so dry. I have really oily skin, so for me to say they are dry they must be DRY. I defiantly recommend using a damp beauty blender to blend these in because otherwise they dry super fast and if you don’t work quickly enough, you will look super scary and have to start you’re makeup all again which isn’t cute babe!  I hated it the 1st time I used it, hmm maybe not hate but I didn’t get the hype so I did some research and watched some of my favorite make up guru’s so I tried again the next evening to master it and it all worked out to be super flawless. I mixed some of my Clarin’s oil in with the contour creams to make them dewy and blend in better with my skin.

Another tip is  work on you’re highlight first for e.g then blend it out as you go. DO NOT LEAVE THE HIGHLIGHT ON AND MOVE ON TO CONTOUR! It will dry and you wont be able to blend it unless you really warm it up. I love this palette and I really think it’s an amazing contour palette for deeper skin tones. Check out my video review here.

New Look Men x Wireless Festival Party


So on Tuesday I got to attend the New Look Mens x Wireless party at the Mondrian Hotel. I was super excited because I love New Look Menswear so much! Always have, New Look menswear have stepped their game up each season and always have the cutest prints for summer. My friends and me arrived at the Rumpus Room rooftop bar, which was stunning. The vibe was actually amazing I got to see some friends, which I haven’t seen for a while. I couldn’t believe the view from the Rumpus bar you could see the whole of London from each side.

The CEO of New Look came on to tell us what was happening with New Look Menswear and how there new team was doing great things in the social media side and how far the menswear had done this year.

The drinks were flowing around the room I loved the ginger vodka cocktail it was DIVINE. When I heard MNEK was performing I couldn’t wait for him to sing my Jam “Ready for your love”. MNEK came on about 8.30ish he performed some new material and a beautiful Coldplay cover. The room was just silent and taking in his sweet soulful voice, he is incredible. There were so many familiar faces around from the TOWIE group to Callum Best. The vibe was just on point, so many friendly people in one room connecting.

New Look has always offered good quality fashion at affordable prices. I feel that the average man wants to look his best these days and New Look offers that to everyman. The CEO had this amazing fitted suit on which he said was £75 I was literally shocked it looked way more expensive. The night ended with me dancing my ass off on the stage to some old school R&B. you know it’s a good night when you wake up with a smile on you’re face.


"A Pop Of Orange"

So guys I thought I would finally share a shoot I did for my blog literally last week when I came back from Dubai. I hooked up with the amazing photographer L’Rye and we shoot some outfits I put together. We all know Adidas is popping but soon as these supercolour's dropped I was contemplating on which colour I should get. To be honest I’m not really a fan of bright trainers, as I don’t think I would get much wears out of them. Anyways while I was in Dubai they just seemed to be everywhere, so I thought let me just go in the Adidas store and try some on. They are literally the most comfortable shoes ever! I decided to get the orange as you know orange pops on deeper skin tones BLOOP.

While I was in Adidas I thought let me cop a cute tracksuit to wear these with. I’m also not a tracksuit person but damn! Adidas won my heart over that evening. I’ve never ever felt so comfortable in my life the tracksuit was totally cozy and looked major cute with my new trainers. What attracted me to this tracksuit was it had super cute bears on it and it was the perfect colour. You can wear this tracksuit in the daytime or at night to go out I pinned the bottoms by ankle just to get it a more tapered effect.

What I love about the super colour trainers is that you can wear them with joggers, leather pants, jeans anything they are so versatile. I am actually upset I didn’t get the pale grey colour but hopefully I’ll get my hands on them. I will be posting more outfits of me in my new orange babies through this month to show you how to wear them differently.

Tracksuit by Adidas  
Supercolour trainers by Adidas
Hat by Adidas
 Snapped By L'Rye

Dealing with negative people!

Negativity effects everybody at some point in their life its not pretty. I got a question off a viewer from my YouTube channel asking “Gary you seem to have a different look, Do you experience any negativity online or in real life?” I thought this was such a cool question because nobody really asks me that to be fair. I experience some negativity & bullshit from small minded people time to time. Ok I’m a black male and wear a full face of makeup with relaxed grey hair!! LOOL! Everybody isn’t going to like my flavor! People just don’t expect black boys to be like this first of all.

When I get anything negative its always actually from idiots tagging their friends in my Instagram photos or nasty comments on Youtube. I hardly get people saying anything to my face or verbally abusing me. As when I am out and about I just got about my business and I really don’t pay attention to what anybody else is doing.  Before when someone would say something horrible about me on Instagram I would get so upset it would really get me down. It made me want to tone down my look or even just try to be like the standard man of today.

It’s weird how comments on social media  can really affect somebody when you don’t even know them. I remember receiving comments of these roadman guys on Instagram proper going in on me, calling me all names under the sun. it was actually the worst yet, I thought to myself if I carry on making these comments destroy me I’m literally going to kill myself. It’s so unhealthy to take on board what anyone says, you have to really laugh about it and take everything with a pinch of salt. You have to remember when you put you’re self on any kind of social media people are going to have an opinion of you boo. Look at Kim Kardashian! Do you think she has time to read what pathetic idiots say on Instagram? NOPE!!!

These fools are behind their broke down phones hating on you! Because they are shocked when they see someone confident living their life in a different way to how they are. When I get negative comments now all I do is I smile at it and simply press BLOCK with a HAIR FLIP!!!! Negativity and bad energy will only bring it down if you let it. I only learnt this a while ago. I used to sometimes make these idiots get me down and feel bad for just being me. But anyways watch my video where I explain in more detail. NEVER LET A FOOL OR IDIOT BRING YOU DOWN!!! LOVE YOU AND ALWAYS YOU

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