Impulse Ping Event

So last week I attended the fabulous party by Impulse PR at the super cool venue Ping! In Earls Court. It was actually my first time going there but before that I heard so many people talking about the legendary Ping! Impulse PR invited some cool bloggers to come together to preview of the new summer pieces from their Arcadia jewellery brands. Soon as I arrived the place was poppin! I walked down the stairs to the smell of yummy pizza and delicious cider. The tunes were pumping by the DJ and I could see my fabulous friends Jennifer & Frankie in the corner talking with over bloggers. It was a super cool event I managed to get some footage of all my favorite jewellery brands. I love the Freedom & Topman pieces, I actually fell in love with the eye ring from Topman its perfection! I love jewellery like that very unique, which have a meaning. The Freedom jewellery was giving me tribal realness!! It was bold and colorful perfect for summer.

I got to meet some really cool bloggers and exchange details which is the reason why I love going to these events, because you meet some really creative like minded people. I was literally stuffing my face with several ciders and multiple slices of pizza I felt extra guilty because I went to the gym that morning LOL! The event was a total success I just want to thank Impulse for having me down I have such a sweet time thank you guys MWAH!!!!!

Fashion Haul - My Shoe Addiction

Hey guys! so I thought I would show you some stuff I recently got while I went to Istanbul which was amazing. I actually have a shoe addiction, it used to be bags but now its shoes I NEED HELP!!!! I bought these comfy UGG Desert boot type shoes which I saw someone post on Instagram so I had to get them. They kinda look like slippers but they are way too comfortable for me to even care.

I also got some cute sneakers from Prada and some AMAZING!!! boots from Saint Laurent. Its weird what you find when you go to other countries. I wanted these Prada sneakers and YSL boots for such a long time these were deffo a great buy!!! But check out what else I got on my video :)


Illamasqua "To Be Alive" Collection Sneak Peak

Hey everyone! So I got the chance by the lovely Illamasqua team to head down to the Ice Tank venue in central London to check out their new collection. I was super excited to see what new products they were bringing to the table. So I arrived at the stunning venue to walk into a cool blue lit room which had an real cool vibe. I was greeted by the lovely PR team at Illamasqua and finally met up with Nicola who I've met before when I did the channel 4 show Beauty & The beast so it was lovely to meet her again & also lovely to meet the Sarah & Heidi :). Looking around the room I could see some of the new collection and just the powerful imagery projected onto the walls of models in the new collection. 

I got to check out their new eyebrow gels too!!! I NEED THESE IN MY LIFE PRONTO!!!! LOVELY!!!

Sarah, Me & Nicola WORKING IT !!!!! *HAIR FLIP*

Obviously the theme of the new collection is Blue. Which is really weird because blue is my favourite colour. It just reminds me of happiness and just being calm. So I checked out the new collection it was super cool. I loved the creamy blue lipstick called "Vendetta" which I thought was such a striking name for the colour it is anyway. The palette was also gorgeous if you wanted to create a sexy dark blue smokey eye for the evening. To be honest I will always support Illamasqua because they are just so unique and are doing their own thing on the market. Thats not all!!! ALEX BOX WAS IN THE ROOM!!!! I ACTUALLY DIED!!! Its weird seeing someone in the flesh, that you've followed for a long time. Her work is like out of this world. at the first glance I was just like "OH MY GAWSH" Alex came over she chatted with me about the new collection and what it was all about which was so lovely of her to give me a personal insight of what the collection was about. Alex is such a lovely down to earth woman, She has such a friendly/wise presence. It really was a honour to meet her it made my year!!!

Anyways I'm going to let my video do the talking for me. WATCH MY VIDEO ON MY REVIEW ON THE COLLECTION AND CHECK OUT MY SEXUAL BLUE BROWS BOO!!!!

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