Fashion Eyewear Collaboration

So guys its almost 2016! so why not end it with a bang right! so a few weeks ago I met up with the 

beautiful  Sasha from Fashion Eyewear to work on our collaboration. Fashion Eyewear makes me 

want to get every single frame from their website, for each episode of my day. 

Fashion Eyewear stock every brand of designer sunglasses you can think of, from Chanel to Céline. 

Seriously choosing a frame literally gave me high blood pressure.

 I had my eye on these Céline sunglasses for a while which I knew they stocked but I looked around 

their different variates of shades they had to offer. I did love these gorgeous studded Valentino 

sunglasses they stocked but they weren't fully black. Then I  tried on my baby's, they fitted so well 

and just added that instant glamour effect.

These are the Céline CL41097/S, they are stunning and the black and gold had me sold before I even 

tried them on. They instantly add they pop of glamour and edge to every look. Remember sunglasses 

can be worn anytime but I love them even more in Winter.

These shades have been the new love of my life, so much that I turned them into glasses so I can 

wear them everyday and all day. I really might purchase a new pair in a different colour,  just so I 

have one pair  for reading and the other for when I go out day to day. Even Blac Chyna and

Ty Dollar $ have got a pair.

Check out my video here of the my gorgeous Céline's in the flesh!!!

Don't forget to check out Fashion Eyewear Here and the link to my glasses HERE!!!

Back For Some Sun!

So guys I haven't blogged for a while. To be honest so much has been going on and i've been

concentrating more on my Youtube game than blogging. But I love blogging so much its more

relaxing than recording a video then having to put time aside to edit a video. So at the moment I'm in

my second home Dubai, the weather is so stunning and this weekend its the Grand Prix so it should

be a good week. I'm here for 2 weeks and actually landed last Thursday, so I've still got some time

before I go home.

While I've been here I have just been chilling and taking in the sun before I go back home to the

North Pole aka London. HA! When I left London it wasn't even that cold but over the past few days

the temperature has been dropping like nobody's business. So a few days ago I visited the beautiful

resort Bab Al Shams, its the most beautiful resort in Dubai I've ever been too. They should call it

relaxation in the desert. Because Bab Al Shams just makes all the problems go away once you step

you're foot through their doors its actually insane how calm you feel.

I decided to take a few pictures as I've never really shared how stunning it is on photo other than

when I do a Vlog. If you guys ever come to Dubai make sure you visit Bab Al Shams because its

seriously  stunning.

H&M Beauty Launch Party

So a few weeks ago I got to  attend the H&M beauty launch at the Truman Brewery where they have a pop up beauty store for 5 weeks open to the public. To be fair I never knew H&M even did beauty until my friend told me a while ago. I was pleasantly surprised on how amazing the quality of eye shadows and lipsticks were. The launch was so cute, they had a cool DJ with mixes on deck and the cocktails were on flow with some cute canapés.

The H&M beauty range is super affordable they do a selection of foundation shades for each skin tone and they even do a radiant concealer pen and beauty balm. I think H&M beauty will do so well because its affordable and the packaging is super cute, you can’t go wrong with white and gold. The packaging reminds me Christmas and the pigment in the blushers and lipsticks are a dream to blend on the skin.

I want to try their foundation and give you guys a full review of how it wears and what the coverage is like. I will definitely be adding more bits from the H&M beauty line to my makeup kit.

Christopher Shannon x Zippo

So last night I attended the Zippo x Christopher Shannon collaboration, the well know American brand Zippo and the amazing British designer Christopher Shannon both came together to design a windproof lighter in  4 unique designs which have their own unique edge. I have always seen Zippo lighters and know they are always the best quality of lighters you can get on the market.

So when I heard Christopher and Zippo where both doing a collaboration it was like bring the best of contemporary menswear fashion and the best of the lighter making industry together to create something fashionable yet something you could use forever and have as a collectors item.
Christopher Shannon said “ I wanted each lighter in the collection to feel like a memento. Something you can give to a friend after a night out. It’s a nod to the fact that Zippo lighters have that unique life span that can see them take different owners over the years.”

We saw the begging of the Zippo x Christopher Shannon collaboration when Shannon showcased his SS16 collection at LCM.  Shannon had a knitwear jumper with a design featuring the world famous Zippo windproof lighters. The models also walked the runway with Zippo lighters hanging from their necks.

I had such a good time at the event, it was great to see the designs of all the lighters around the room and the jumper Christopher Shannon showcased at his SS16 collection. I was lucky enough to be given one of these limited edition designs when I left. It;s so beautiful and you can tell the quality and design of the lighter when you hold it.

The limited run of just 300 Zippo x Christopher Shannon windproof lighters will be available from the 12th October from

Thank you so much for having me – x-


Hey guys so last month I became an ASOS Insider WOOP WOOP! An ASOS Insider is basically a huge ASOS fan like myself,  ASOS take on a few people each month and you get to get all the new scoop on everything ASOS is doing and sometimes even get to attend events they put on. It's kind of tricky to explain but there's some more information here. A few weeks ago a lovely woman named Lucy hit me up and told me I had been picked to be one of their all access insiders showing you guys what my favourite denim was in their ripped jeans category. I chose these beautiful charcoal washed ripped jeans, they are so edgy but you can dress them up or dress them casual. I would pair these with some trainers or some chic Chelsea boots.
Fedora – Christy’s hats
Jeans – ASOS Menswear Denim -
Poncho – ASOS Menswear (SOLD OUT) Alternative-
Shoes – Y-3 ADIDAS
Pictures/Video by the lovely Jen Eleto

The extreme rips give it that real kick so you could pair them with an beautiful leather jacket. I decided to pair them with a camel poncho I got from ASOS a while ago with a black jumper from COS and a Fedora from Christy's hats and my trainers were from Y-3. This look is so casual but also I love that the jeans give it that X-FACTOR! Let me know what jeans you love from the ASOS range! Check more styles out from the ASOS Denimpage here!!!

Poolside Action!

So guys if you follow me on Instagram you would have seen that I arrived in Dubai on Monday. I definitely love this city so much its crazy. I just can’t believe how hot it is here at the moment, its like 39-41 degrees each day. So I know I will be returning to England looking all golden, So I’m trying to do daily Vlogs for you guys on Youtube but its so hard out here as my camera isn’t being the best at the moment.

Today I just had a relaxing pool day at the Address Hotel right next to Dubai Mall. This hotel is so stunning and it’s literally the best location if you want to relax by the pool and in between run to the mall for a quick shop for makeup or clothes LOL which is exactly what I did. The Address hotel is just very glamorous and they have several around the city.

The water was COLDDDDDD!!!

So I decided not to wear all black for once and finally wore my amazing burgundy wine baseball jersey from American Apparel, which I got in the Paris discount store. I teamed it with my new sandals from the amazing Teva! You guys don’t understand how much I love Teva sandals they are so comfy. Literally so much people have stopped me in the mall asking me where I got them. They are stocked on Mr Porter and ASOS or  you can buy them from the official Teva website HERE. I also paired them with some cute Topman shorts to complete the look.

I will be posting more of my looks and beauty posts this week while I’m still in Dubai.

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