Press day!

So yesterday was a whirlwind of running around London for press days. It was insane but so much fun. I first went to meet Jennifer and headed to the Lewis & Leigh press day which was super cool. This was my first time attending their offices in east London just off Brick Lane.  As I entered I noticed Lewis & Leigh had some cute snacks Let me open my bag to throw the whole plate in their LOOOL but serious they had some major pieces. My favourite defiantly had to be Ada+Nik I didn’t get a chance to go their last fashion show but it looked amazing! I think everything on their rail I would everywhere and anywhere! Their line is edgy and wearable which is a plus!!! Lewis & Leigh really had some cool clothes though I was amazed by the dresses Ada had designed for her own line they were amazing so elegant but with a real glamour edge they were stunning. Here a few other pictures from their press day.

This shirt!!! I just need it in my life ASAP for my Birthday!!

We then moved on to Village PR which was cool there space was so big and laid out perfectly. We walked into see the fabulous rail of Ashish just blinding me with the sparkly denim jackets and his amazing shoes from his collaboration with Topshop. Village carries some of my most desirable designers from Berthold to Yunus & Eliza. To end our day there they gave us a cute little cactus plant and some Supra merchandise to take away, which was sweet of them.

We then had to jump on the tube and go all the way to the lovely Say More PR based in Camden. Well this was a nice end to our day as we entered their PR office we had such a lovely warm greeting. I felt right at home this why we ended up staying there for 2 hours LOL! They had super cool brands not to mention me trying on half of their showroom. Say More had the most beautiful snugged fitting Alpha Industries jackets. I have wanted one forever but never really got a chance to ever try one until yesterday. Just trying one or maybe 3 on made me want to run down to Selfridges just to buy one immediately, I seriously have never tried on such a warm perfect fitting jacket since my school days.

I was a tiny bit drunk and found it hard to stand up straight as they gave us this amazing sparking vodka by Voz. YES I SAID SPARKLING VODKA by !! It tasted divine, when I first tasted it I wasn’t too sure but the after kick was all warm and appetising I could have literally drank it all day. It was literally AMAZING!!! It was like a vodka alcho-pop.

In their showroom they had some divine Luke stuff. You know what I walk past Luke all the time in Carnaby St and I’ve seen a lot of their pieces being worn but I never really got a chance to try it on but yesterday I tried on the most amazing metallic jacket and loved it! I would so purchase this and rock it in the same way. I liked the Luke accessories more I thought they were simple but had a nice clean edge on them. Thanks again to the Say More team again you were amazing yesterday and made us feel like your office was our office haaha! –x-


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