MAC Matchmaster Concealer Review

So Thursday 10th of September finally the long anticipated MAC Matchmaster concealers were released. Its about time MAC released a cream stick concealer with good coverage in great colours. I remember years ago MAC did a cream concealer where you actually twisted it up! But like most amazing things they discontinued it. Anyways!! Matchmaster has totally made up for that, because it’s totally my new go to concealer! It’s super easy for you girls that love to do you makeup on the train/tube (EWWWWWW!) If you need a quick spot cover up or a nice stick to cover any dark circles this concealer is your baby daddy!

Matchmaster concealer isn’t heavy at all it’s totally creamy and blends like butter on a hot stove! It gives good coverage but the only thing is you have to really build it up. The concealer is creamy but  maybe a little too creamy so it totally just blends into the skin. I purchased number 6 and number 9 I got number 9 for my normal skin tone shade. Plus number 6 as a highlighting shade! I would never use 6 in Matchmaster liquid to highlight because I would look like an ashy snowman and that’s never cute boo! I give this 7/10 just because I do love it but I feel for it to really cover up or even show any highlight to my skin I have to slap that shit on! Once you get you’re desired coverage its totally stunning. The colours in this are 100% different to the foundation I think so get this tested on you before buying!!! Number 9 its slightly warm for my skin so I will be getting the 8.5.

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