The Changing Face of Beauty

The Changing Face of Beauty

So I was just browsing twitter last night when I noticed one of my followers re-tweeted a link from Stylist magazine. This link happened to be such an inspirational article by Anita Bhagwandas, Stylist’s beauty assistant. Not only had this article been going through my mind all night but its something I could relate to and really engage with. I was thinking all night how I could have my input on this article so I decided to make a video about the issues bought up in this article. I feel like a fool as I thought this article was brand new but, looking at the comments I can see it was probably published in 2012.

It doesn’t matter anyways! Even if it was published 10 years ago I think people still deserve to address the issue on how makeup for deeper skin tones has evolved since 2000. I remember makeup for deeper skins was like mission impossible. To find your perfect colour you either had to pray for it! LOL or generally mix products for your life or import in from America. In England brands such as Rimmel and Collection 2000 plus many more didn’t cater for deeper skin tones when it came to foundation & concealer back in 2000. It’s amazing how far we have come to now have brands like NARS, MAC, Kevyn Auccoin, Sleek, Bobbi Brown. All these brands cater for deeper skin tones without making us look ashy or dull. These companies understand there are different shades in the world. It really upsets me still to this day Chanel and more companies find it difficult to even just create a concealer for a deeper skin tone without it being to dark or to red it’s sad.

But anyways check my video and leave a comment! What do you guys think though?

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