London Collection: Men's Lewis & Leigh Presentation

Good evening guys! How y’all doing? So basically I hit up London men’s collection this week. I only could attend the Monday because I flew back from Dubai on Sunday so was major jet lagged and Tuesday I was back at work. Anyways! On Monday I went to the Lewis & Leigh men’s collection event which featured fabulous and outstanding creations from:
·      Clara Martin
·      Chelsea Bravo
·      Beau Homme

It was so busy there but the vibe was totally buzzing, the room was filled of edgy, cool individual’s mingling and adoring the live presentations. My heart loved Chelsea Bravo’s collection it was just so strong and such a statement to look at, not forgetting all the models were so gorgeous and bla bla!

Beau Homme also had some cute pieces there was a blazer, which was like a cape beautifully cut under the arms! I swear if the lights went out in the room I would have knocked a model out for that ish! Beau Homme was giving me the new man of today! Edgy, clean cut but not trying to hard. It was a gorgeous collection plus I hope to cop that blazer one day soon.

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